Comic-Con 2013 SDCC… oh yes here I come

Just delighted and have to share.  I was able to take advantage of the Comic-Con 2013 presale and purchased my 4 day badge!  Now I get to relax until July gets here again.  This year I missed out on Haven and Merlin casts because we were only able to get the 1 day badges and they came on the days around us talk about sad.
Now if you have never been to Comic-Con and you like comics or Sci-Fi, this is the place to be.  It’s a real ordeal getting tickets because you have to register for a member id while registration is open, but before it closes or you won’t be able to even try to buy a ticket.  Then you try like a mad person to get tickets during the general sale that happens that the end of Feb. early March.  It’s a crazy ordeal but once you get your badges you are set to have 1-4 days of geeking out at the biggest nerdfest on the west coast of the USA.
Also mangged to get my Emerald City Comic-Con VIP badge (this is the Seattle show, not as large as SDCC but is well worth the trip).  Advance news for the Trekkies is that Sir Patrick Stewart is the first confirmed guest at the ECCC.  Very cool.  I am still begging ECCC to invite the cast of Merlin over and of course the cast of Grimm and Haven.

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