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Stonerider Live in Bristol 11-2012
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I had the good fortune last year to hear about the band Stonerider, a rock band out of Atlanta, GA.  They were on tour with the band Europe during their Bag of Bones European/UK tour.  In November I caught them live in the UK and what a show it was! Stonerider has a classic bluesy rock sound that pleases the ears of many rock fans.   Most of the concert attendees at the show were there for the headlining act and had not heard about Stonerider before the show, but became instant fans once Stonerider took the stage and started to play.  I got the chance to chat with the guys in Bristol and I have to say these Atlanta guys are true musicians and a great group guys. They hung out before and after the their show to talk with their fans, sign some autographs and take photos with them.  Stonerider left a large number of fans behind in Europe and the UK that are now waiting for new music from them.

Stonerider's Matt Tanner
Stonerider’s Matt Tanner

Stonerider has released two albums.  Fountains Left to Wake (2012) available in mp3, cd, and vinyl format directly from or mp3 from and iTunes. Three Legs of Trouble (2008) available in mp3 and CD from and mp3 from iTunes.

Stonerider Live in Bristol 11-2012
Stonerider Live in Bristol 11-2012

I checked in with Stonerider a few weeks ago to see what they are up to this year.  Fans will be happy to know that they are working on new music now.  So hopefully we will be seeing something new from them very soon.  In the meantime, Stonerider was just featured in Amped Magazine with band members Jason Krutzky and Adam McIntyre giving and in-depth interview about the band.  So take a visit to Amped Magazine to read this great interview.  It will give you some  insight about the band and their music.  Don’t forget to pick up their music either!

Stonerider's Adam McIntyre
Stonerider’s Adam McIntyre
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