The End is Here, Black Sabbath Crushes the Tacoma Dome on The End Tour

It’s hard to believe that after all of these years that Black Sabbath will be no more once the “The End” tour has completed.  This legendary band has formed many people’s musical tastes and led many musicians into their professions.  A legend coming to an end, but going out on their own terms and while they are still performing high-caliber shows.  This is how I wish all legends could end their careers.  One final amazing tour, a chance for all the fans to see them one last time and send them off with cheers of goodbyes.  Sadly, that’s not how it usually works out, but in Black Sabbath’s case, it is working out in the ideal manner.

What started off as bumpy ride last week with Ozzy becoming acutely ill and having to cancel 3 shows, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver, ended with a new beginning at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, WA.  I won’t lie, the fans here were pretty nervous with the announcements of shows being postponed one after the other.  We were constantly checking Black Sabbath’s social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for any news updates of the pending show.  Saturday finally arrived and after a nervous day of waiting word got out that Ozzy was feeling well enough for the show.  Absolute relief!  On we went to the show.

The Dome was full of fans of all ages eagerly anticipating the start of the show.  After a great opening by the Rival Sons, we waited for the legends of rock to hit the stage.  People were walking by throwing up the rock horns and taking photos in front of the stage.  Every direction you looked was a sea of black clothing, leather jackets, old Black Sabbath t-shirts and smiling faces.  You could feel the excitement in this crowd.  We all knew what was about to take place.  Off with the lights, Ozzy takes the stage, the Dome immediately smells like one giant bong hit.

How do you start a show?  Of course with the self titled song, Black Sabbath!  Despite being sick, Ozzy sounded amazing!  He delivered his signature vocals and quite a few F-bombs throughout the show.  He’s Ozzy, he can do that! It wouldn’t be a show with Ozzy if there was none of that.  Not to be outdone, Geezer Butler and Tommy Clufetos were completely in sync bringing in the strong bass and at times manic drumming to add the rhythm.  Tony Iommi rounded it out as he delivered his hypnotizing classic rock guitar riffs to the fans.  These guys were completely on game for this show.  I saw Black Sabbath a couple of years ago, they didn’t sound as good the last time.  So I can say this was an amazing show.

I feel really bad for all of the fans that had their shows postponed (looks like September time frame for those shows to be rescheduled), but really you don’t want your last live Black Sabbath show to be anything other than top-notch as we just had here this past weekend in Tacoma.  That’s the way all fans should want to remember their last show with the band.  One last great memory of some of the most amazing musical legends in rock.  One last song, the air filled with Black Sabbath confetti and the band taking one last bow whilst saying thank you to the fans.  Make sure not to miss a last show in your area. Ozzy absolutely confirmed it at the Tacoma show, this is their last tour, this is The End.


Black Sabbath
Fairies Wear Boots
After Forever
Into the Void
War Pigs
Behind the Wall of Sleep
Hand of Doom
Rat Salad
(Drum Solo)
Iron Man
Dirty Women
Children of the Grave




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