Show Review: BulletBoys / Kaos N Kunfusion / Oceans & Enemies / 80 Proof Logic @ Studio 7 in Seattle

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BulletBoys Gig Review

The BulletBoys shot through Seattle this past week.  The guys performed at Studio 7 with opening support from local bands Kaos N Kunfusion, Oceans & Enemies and 80 Proof Logic.

If you grew up in the late 80’s you to have heard the band BulletBoys.  They released a few monster hits in 1988 “Smooth Up In Ya” and “For the of Love of Money” which was first recorded by the O’Jays in 1973.  These two songs have been repeatedly played the last two and a half decades and are staples of the BulletBoys line up, whether they want them to be or not.  Even though these amazing musicians have been recording new songs over the years, they are still two of the songs fans coming to their live shows are hoping that they will perform.

The BulletBoys have been out on tour promoting their crazy and badass 2015 release “Elefantè”.  If you think these guys are still the 80’s hairband, you are sadly mistaken.  This CD is one of the better releases I have heard in a few years from bands the many bands I listen to.  Well written, performed and produced.  The BulletBoys are so talented and have a natural musical gift that they somehow manage to translate into songs that amaze their fans.  I got the chance to speak with Marq Torien, BulletBoys singer, after their show here last week.  He told me he’s been a performer since he was 7 years old and this is all he’s ever wanted to do.  He truly loves music.  When he spoke about the release of “Elefantè” he said that he was so thrilled when the Rolling Stone review came out and gave the new CD 4 out of 5.  The look on his face when he was talking about that moment instilled in me that he’s not a musician that expects accolades, he just truly wants to share the music that’s in him and that he truly wants people to love his music.  Well Marq, we do!   The BulletBoys are performing top notch music and are looking great on stage.  If you haven’t seen a BulletBoys show in awhile, it’s time to get out there and see them again.  If you’ve never seen them, what are you waiting for?  They are wrapping up this tour with a few shows left in Utah, Nevada and California over the next month and a half and have a festival show in California in September.  Get out there and see them.  In the meantime take a peak at one of their new videos and photos from the show in Seattle.



This was the first time I have seen Kaos N Kunfusion live.  I have to say they were great.  The on stage presence by this group was entertaining and full on metal.  Their singer has some vocal chops and his personality is meant to be on stage in front the crowd.  He hits the high notes that take me back to the late 80’s metal that makes fans want to scream along.  With true rock n roll fashion they have songs that are a bit raunchy like “Nasty Me” and songs related to Hell.  You can take a listen to them on Reverbnation/Kaos N Kunfusion.  Kaos N Kunfusion has an upcoming show with the band Saliva and a bunch of other great local bands on July 9th south of Seattle in Spanaway for you sound end fans and those fans like me that could care less about the distance to go see a good show here’s your chance.  You can get tickets via Brown Paper Tickets.  If you have issues locating tickets or want to buy them directly from one of the supporting bands check out the event page from Northwest Entertainment, you can post here with questions or in general to talk to other fans going to this show.

Oceans & Enemies is a local band from Seattle that formed in 2014.  These guys are a hard rock band that like to blend in a mixture of sounds to their music.  To me, I picked up some hints of early sounding Incubus in a few of their songs.  They have an interesting sound and put on a good show.   I will be watching this group to see how they evolve.

80 Proof Logic put on a good show and have a solid rock sound with a gritty sounding vocalist fronting them.  They are a relatively new band from the Tukwila/Burien area that came together by joining members of a few local bands to form what is now 80 Proof Logic.  They have only been together a few short months and are currently in the studio recording their first EP.  It will be interesting to hear their EP once it comes out.  In the meantime, their next show will be at Louie G’s in Fife on June 4th and then an additional show at the same venue on July 8th.  Check them out if you get the chance.




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