Show Review: DevilDriver / HolyGrail / Incite / Hemlock at Studio 7

DevilDriver @ Studio7

Saturday night DevilDriver,  Holy Grail, Incite & Hemlock performed one hell of a show to packed a house at Studio 7 in Seattle.  This show brought in people of all ages, from the young kids who will be our next generation of metal fans to the adults who’ve been headbanging and moshing in the pits for years.  The mix of musical sounds between these four groups had something for everyone to enjoy.  This lineup was fantastic and the show was great from beginning to end.  I am thankful this show was on a weekend night to have a day to recover from it!

First up, the band Hemlock.  Hemlock are a groove/thrash band out of Las Vegas, NV and have been together for a long time now.  They were the first to get the crowd headbanging and a circle pit going at the show and rightfully so with their sound.  You can’t see this band and not be inspired to get moving when they are in the throws of ‘Nobody knows what a Killer looks like’.  I am not a fan of getting body slammed at all, but I was in the pit shooting photos of the show and managed to survive it lol.  The energy was infectious from this band.  Having never seen them before I really enjoyed this set.  They are great performing live and give full energy to the audience.  After their show they hung out at their merch booth and chatted with fans and took some selfies with those who asked.  These guys are most worthy your time if you are looking for a show to see.  Hemlock is currently on tour in the USA through July.

Incite is another band that performs for the fans.  I have never seen them live before, but what a performance.  Incite are from Phoeniz, AZ and formed in 2004.  They released their first album ‘The Slaughter’ in 2009 which made people take notice of them and are now on to their 4th release with “Oppression”.   I have given it a listen multiple times, it’s a solid release.  For the metal fans who like listening to heavy screaming vocals that come along with groove metal,  this is one to check out.  Their set was a crowd pleaser and got the circle pit started up again.  The addition of the long hair flying everywhere by vocalist Richie Cavalera was great!  I can say that if you want to get out an enjoy a live show and aren’t scared of the pit crowd then these guys will give you an enjoyable night.  Incite is currently on tour in the USA through June.

Holy Grail was the initial reason I purchased my ticket for this show.  They had a change in their tour dates from Black Tusk tour to DevilDriver’s tour and I had no intentions of missing them live.  I have been a fan of Holy Grail for some time now.  Hailing from Pasadena, CA, Holy Grail have been making music together since 2008.  The first time I heard this band was back in 2010 with their release of ‘Crisis in Utopia’.  After putting the cd in for the first time and hearing the shredding immediately on ‘My Last Attack’, I knew that I would be a fan of this band as long as they continue to make music.  The band is currently out on tour supporting their February 2016 release of ‘Times of Pride and Peril’.  The one thing I can honestly say about this band is that I truly enjoy each new release from these guys, that they never let me down.  Their albums are not half thought out fillers just to get a new album out.  Each release has been stronger than the previous one, well written, performed and produced.  This is a band that I have extreme respect for and think that any fan who loves metal music with great writing, crazy guitars, manic tempo and vocals that inspire you to scream along with them should be listening too.  These guys are a staple in my running playlist because no matter how exhausted you are, as soon as you hear their shredding you just get pumped to push through.  So about their set, as if you think I have anything bad to say about this band?  Nope, as always these guys performed a fantastic set.  They are band that performs for the fans and they always put on a great show.  They are the utmost professionals and definitely a band to get out and see live, many times!  They also wander around with the fans before and after their set, so if you are a fan or become one at a show stop by their merch table, grab some gear and meet the guys.  Holy Grail is on USA tour through early July so take a look at their dates and catch one of their shows.  You will be glad you did!

And last but not least, the headliner DevilDriver a band out of Santa Barbara, CA that has been making metal music together since 2002.  They are out on tour ahead of their upcoming album ‘Trust No One’ which is set for release on May 13, 2016.  They performed songs from their past albums, a cover and a couple of new songs from their new album.  These guys sounded fantastic and from what I’ve heard of their new stuff, the new album is going to melt your faces off, after all it is DevilDriver!  Their show reenergized the crowd from the earlier band sets and as expected the circle pit was in full force down in the front with many fans releasing some aggression with other fans. DevilDriver is on USA tour through June 18, 2016 and are then headed overseas to Europe from June 28 – August 21 with a few solo shows and a spin around the European festival circuit.  Hit their website up for upcoming dates and to see which bands they will be touring with as there is a change for half of their shows when they drop in on Hatebreed, Devil You Know and Act of Defiance’s lineup.

native prideDevilDriver is more than just an amazing musical force, they are also people who care about our communities.  One in particular is the Najavo Nation which is borders both northeast Arizona and northwest New Mexico.  Dez has a deep respect for the Navajo tribe and has approved a limited edition Native Pride t-shirt sale where all of the proceeds will go directly to the Navajo Nation’s Tsehootsooi Dine Bi’Olta elementary school.  The funds are for the Navajo language program taught to the children in this school and helps to keep this endangered language alive for the Navajo people.  The shirt is really cool and the fact that the proceeds go to help so many young people of this tribe to keep learning their Native American language is outstanding.  You can pick up one of these t-shirts between now and June 1 in presale which will guarantee you get one in the size you want.  After June 1 there will only be a limited number sold on their site from a bulk order they will be doing, so don’t miss out on your chance to grab a limited edition t-shirt that’s also doing something great for these children and the Navajo people.  Pick up your Native Pride t-shirt here.

DevilDriver Setlist:

End of the Line
Dead to Rights
These Fighting Words
Not All Who Wander Are Lost
Pure Sincerity
I Could Care Less
Nothing’s Wrong?
My Night Sky
Sail – (AWOLNATION cover)
Before the Hangman’s Noose
Clouds Over California
Meet the Wretched

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