Show Review: Primal Fear / Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody @ El Corazon, Seattle

Primal Fear
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If there is one thing that brings Seattle music fans together, it’s a great rock show.  Last week an amazing tour passed through the Emerald City;  Primal Fear and Rhapsody.  It’s pretty common that Seattle gets passed over on many of the European band tours, but this time we lucked out as they decided to hit the west coast from Vancouver, BC south to California and added us to their tour. They stopped in at El Corazon with opening support from 3 local bands; Rhine, Children of Seraph and Substratum.

First up for the evening was the band Rhine.  This band has been together since 2014 and performs progressive death metal.  I’d never heard of them before this show, but quickly found myself paying close attention.  Their music is heavy, their sound is unique and all together good stuff.  They have an album out now called “An Outsider”.  You can sample their music and purchase a copy for yourself via their website.  I would recommend seeing them if you get the chance to do so.  Rhine has a few local gigs coming up so get out and see them.

The next band of the evening,  I have seen once before opening for Helloween on their recent “My God-Given Right” tour.  The band is Children of Seraph.  These guys recently released an album “Warriors of Light” on May 6th of this year.  It’s a solid rock album.  They put on a good live show.  Children of Seraph have a few upcoming local shows before they head off to Europe in November (2016), then next year they are scheduled to tour Japan in March (2017).

Substratum performed as the conclusion of the local support.  This band was awesome!  I love running into bands that have a badass rocker chick fronting them.  In this case, that’s Amy Lee Carlson!  This is one crazy rocker!  Usually when I see a female come out on stage with a rock band I shift straight into cynical mode because so often many of these chicks only look the part but can’t sing.  Not in this case.  This gal can sing.  She’s a rocker to keep an eye on.  The band was great.  Absolutely loved their gig and will definitely be catching them again soon.  Speaking of soon, Substratum has an upcoming show with Armored Saint, Metal Church and Sin Circus at Studio 7 on June 10.  Get tickets now because this show is going to sell out!  Substratum also has an album set for release later this summer, date has not been officially announced yet.  For more details keep an eye on their site.

Let’s get to the first of the co-headliners, Rhapsody.  This is a band I have never seen live before, but have really wanted to.  Their music is melodic and theatrical.  Alessandro Conti’s voice will place you in a trance if you listen closely.  The band’s music will further infect you and take over your mind as the sounds suck you in to their show.  Their live sound is amazing!   They are full of energy, clearly love to perform and want the fans to enjoy themselves.  They didn’t play a short set either, they played a full set.   These artists have separate projects outside of Rhapsody as well, so check out their other projects.  You will be glad you did.  This is a band to see if you get the chance.

Last up, Primal Fear!  This German power metal band really brought their A game to Seattle.  In a small venue like El Corazon where shows are intimate when not at their max capacity, this band had a chance to perform to a shamefully small crowd (thanks again Seattle music fans!  Facepalm, you missed one hell of a show!).  The hardcore fans that did show up for the Sunday night show, loved every minute of it.  This band’s actual concert sound for this venue was off the charts!  I have been to many shows at this venue and never heard this quality of sound before.  Amazing job to Primal Fear’s sound guy!  Ralf Scheeper’s voice was spot on, he’s such a powerful singer.  No overshadowing of the other band members either, these guys gave it their all.  Primal Fear played a high energy full set for the Seattle crowd taking the show over into the wee hours of the morning before it was all said and done.  The guys were playful and inclusive with their fans making them feel like they were part of the show.  Even in this venue I felt like I was at a big show by the energy put forth by the band.  I really didn’t want this show to end, I mean REALLY DIDN’T.  I am looking forward to my next chance to catch them live.  I say this is a show not to miss, if it’s coming to your city, go see it.  Just blown away!

Rhapsody Set List:

Nova Genesis
Knightrider of Doom
Land of Immortals
Unholy Warcry
Son of Pain
Drum Solo (Game of Thrones)
Il Cigno Nero
Guitar Solo
The Pride of the Tyrant
Bass Solo (Matrix)
Dawn of Victory + Finale

Quantum X
Emerald Sword


Primal Fear Set List:

Final Embrace
In Metal We Trust
Angel In Black
Sign Of Fear
The Sky Is Burning
Nuclear Fire
Angels Of Mercy
The End is Near
When Death Comes Knocking
Metal Is Forever

Running In The Dust

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