Rob Zombie’s Return of the Dreads Tour Heats up the White River Ampitheatre

Rob Zombie
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Rob Zombie Return of the Dreads Tour

In This Moment, Korn and Rob Zombie performed at the White River Ampitheatre in Auburn, WA last week on the Return of the Dreads tour.  Fans arrived early to start their evening off with VIP meet and greet sessions with Korn and Rob Zombie.  Other lucky fans who hit the merchandise booths before the show were able to snatch up meet and greets with In This Moment that followed their set.

It was a hot afternoon at the White River, fans who’d waited in the long lines to enter the venue were spotted walking through the cooling sprinkler trying to cool down and lines for water and cool beverages were a big hit as the sun beamed down on those who couldn’t find shade.

In This Moment kicked the show off with a theatrical set with lots of fog, lights and great costume changes.  Their music had fans getting rowdy down in the pit where at one point security had to break up an altercation in the crowd while In This Moment vocalist, Maria Brink, chatted with the crowd asking them to calm down and reminding them it was a show and everyone came to have fun, not fight.  Some fans were also spotted in creative costumes to pay homage to the band.

Korn was up next and the crowd went nuts.  To the excitement of their fans they played many of their old songs and a few new ones.  They had a crazy light show during their set and fans were up out of their seats head-banging, raising fists and singing along while the crowd down in the pit got rowdy and started a circle pit with alot of aggression being let out, especially to the fan wearing the banana costume.  Yes, I said banana costume lol.  While other fans were passing out from heat exhaustion and being carried out by medics, the banana fan kept on moshing.  Korn played a solid set, they sounded completely amazing and put on a great show for their fans!

Last up for the night, Rob Zombie.  If the show hadn’t been fantastic already, this tour managed to take it up to another level of greatness with Rob Zombie headlining the show.  The fans pushed in to the close to the barriers to get as close as they could to see the show.  Lights, fog, and great music!  They paid for and got a great performance.  Rob and his band are such professionals and know how to thrill the crowd.  They had an awesome stage set and Rob Zombie commanded the stage.  And of course, the evening wouldn’t have been right without the final song of the show being “Dragula”.  At that beginning of the song the crowd was excited and sad at the same time knowing that the show was coming to an end.

What a great evening with great music.  The weather held out with lots of sunshine making it a perfect night for an outdoor show at the White River.  Thanks to the bands for adding a date near Seattle to their tour and a big thank you to the sound & lighting engineers and crew, without their talent as well, this show wouldn’t have been so great.  What a good time out!

In This Moment Setlist:
Sick Like Me
Black Widow
Sex Metal Barbie

Korn Setlist:
Right Now
Here to Stay
Rotting in Vain
Somebody Someone
Narcissistic Cannibal
Coming Undone
Y’all Want a Single
Make Me Bad
Shoots and Ladders
Got the Life
Falling Away From Me
Freak on a Leash

Rob Zombie setlist:
Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown

In the Age of the Consecrated Vampire We All Get High
Wild Thing (Tone‐Lōc cover)
Living Dead Girl
Well, Everybody’s Fucking in a U.F.O.
More Human Than Human (White Zombie song)
Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy)
The Hideous Exhibitions of a Dedicated Gore Whore
House of 1000 Corpses
Guitar Solo
Thunder Kiss ’65 (White Zombie song)
The Star-Spangled Banner (John Stafford Smith cover)
We’re an American Band (Grand Funk Railroad cover)


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