Interview: Texas Hippie Coalition Talking About the New Album, Tour and Houston Open Air

Texas Hippie Coalition stopped through Seattle this past weekend on their tour and I had a chance to talk to the one and only Big Dad Rich, better known as “BDR”.  They’ve had a lot going on this year and a lot more still to get through so it was the perfect time to check in with BDR and talk music, the tour and about the new music festival Houston Open Air that Texas Hippie Coalition will be performing in the last weekend of September.  BDR is one very funny man and it comes through very well in this interview.  Enjoy!

YesterDazeNews:  Your 5th studio album “Dark Side of Black” was released April 22, 2016 on Carved Records and produced by Sterling Winfield.  How do you feel it’s been performing, is it meeting your expectations?

Big Dad Rich (BDR):  I feel like it’s doing pretty good. I was being interviewed the other day and was told that it was in Billboard’s top 10. Anytime some no-name band from the great state of Texas can have something like that happen… At least it means that people are starting to know who we are. Others are just starting to find out who we are. One thing about this band, there’s a lot of discovery going on, and people are discovering that this is a band of badasses.

YDN:  Are you pleased with the final mix of the album?

BDR:  You never are.  You can pick shit apart forever. The album felt rushed during the process, a little hurried. Anyway, DEADLINES. But like every album, it takes time for the satisfaction to grow on you. I’m very happy with what was put into it. I had my cape on, as did the rest of the guys along with Sterling.

YDN:  How did you decide to work with Sterling Winfield as your producer?

BDR:  My label usually gives me list of producers who have expressed interest that they would like to work with the band and then I pick one. This time around I let them know from the get-go, the man I wanted was Sterling. I needed this album to be made in Texas by Texans.

YDN: What was the inspiration in writing this album?

BDR:  All black just like Johnny Cash. The DARKER SIDE of THC.

YDN:  The band just started off on a long tour stretch that will be running through end of October.  How’s the tour going?

BDR:  Rollin along. Dirty runnin’ from the law, putting miles on tires and getting paid in Johnny Cash. No Johnny Paychecks here.

YDN:  You guys a slotted to perform at the new rock festival, Houston Open Air (H.O.A.), in September in the festivals premiere run.  How did that come about?

BDR:  They wanted to have a badass band on the bill, so they called us.

YDN:  Have you performed at other Danny Wimmer Presents festivals around the USA before?

BDR:  Of course. Our phones always ringing. We don’t always pick up, but when Danny calls we answer right away.

YDN:  What’s your take on this new rock music festival being created in Houston?

BDR:  Love it! We’re all about the addition of great places in TEXAS to hear good music.

YDN:  Do you feel it’s an important addition for the music community and fans in this region?

BDR:  We should have been doing this years ago. It’s about time we catch up with the European festival scene.

YDN:  Will your performance at H.O.A. have any surprise guests since you will be back in Texas?

BDR:  You never know. Secrets are hard to keep for some, but I’ve never let one slip. I’ve never told anyone about your plagiarism on the JFK story. Ooops…

YDN:  Monster Energy will be sponsoring the artist signing sessions at H.O.A., have you been asked or do you plan to take part in this?

BDR:  Our fans come first. They’re actually more like family. We sign at every show, take pictures, kiss babies, sign titties. We don’t have to do anything in life, it’s the things we get to do that make life worth spending… I mean living.

YDN:  What’s next after the tour ends in October?

BDR:  Hippie Hollidaze.

YDN:  Are you working on any side projects?

BDR:  My country album will be released in late spring or early summer next year. Two albums released nearly simultaneously. First one SIX SHOT SHOOTER, and the second one SEIS PESO PISTOLA both six track CDs.

YDN:  Last question I like to ask every artist; is there anything you want your fans to know that you’ve never been asked but always wanted to tell them?

BDR:  Yes of course. Tell your Momma that your Dad said child support is in the mail…

YDN:  Thank you very much for taking time out of your very busy schedule to answer my questions.  Have an awesome tour and YesterDazeNews will be seeing you again in September at Houston Open Air.

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