Texas Hippie Coalition Brings Texas Rock to Seattle

Let’s get one thing straight right off, Texas Hippie Coalition are not your 60’s hippies.  This band is a straight punch in the face of good old Texas Rock n Roll.  THC hit Seattle Saturday night and brought the true Texas spirit of how to have a good time with them.  Although there was no Tex-Mex, BBQ or adult slurpee machines involved, this was one hell of a great rock show.

There was local support from Muldoon and Syztem7 plus an additional opener, fellow Texan from San Marcos, Scott H. Biram.

Scott H. Biram is a one man gritty southern rock show.  He was very entertaining and reminded me of the years I spent in Austin, Texas where the live music scene over flows nightly.  His interaction with the audience was straight forward and at times a bit raunchy and fowl mouthed but very entertaining.  If you haven’t seen Scott before I have dropped some live video from the Seattle show in at the bottom of the review so you can check him out.

Onward to THC, these guys just kicked ass.  Raunchy as could be, BDR talked a bit dirty to the fans between songs.  The music was fantastic, the crowd throughly enjoyed the show.  It’s not everyday you see a mic stand that looks like a shot gun either.  The guys played high energy set and after the show was over took time to talk with fans and take photos too. What an absolutely great night out.

Texas Hippie Coalition is on tour now through October in support of the release “Dark Side of Black”.  Check out their tour dates and if they are coming your direction, go see them.  You will be glad you did.  Don’t forget to grab a copy of their new album too!




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