311 Unity Tour Unites the Seattle Fans

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Last Wednesday 311 played the Showbox Sodo along with local opening act Lions Ambition.  Having seen 311 many times before I knew Seattle fans were in for a great show.  As expected, it was fantastic.

The local openers Lions Ambition were a great choice for this show.  This group has a fresh Indie Rock/Hip-Hop fusion sound and an energetic performance.  Their music and vocals were crowd pleasing and the 311 fans were really into these guys.  They have a bigger than usual group consisting of 1 vocalist, 2 emcees’s, guitar, drums, piano and bass which adds to their energy.   If you get the chance to check these guys out live, get out to see them.  It’s a show you will be glad you went to.

The main event of the night of course was 311 on their 2016 Unity tour.  Seattle was on the tail end of this years tour, but certainly not forgotten.  This show was an all ages show and there were many young kids with their parents, teens, 20 somethings and up for this show.  It’s always great to see the next generation of fans out a live shows checking out bands that are new to them and mixing with the old school fans!

311 put on their usual high energy and amazing sounding show.  I’ve never seen a bad 311 show in all my years going to see them and this year was no different.  They give their all to their fans each night and our show was just another in a long line of great shows.  They played a long set list comprised of songs throughout their career thus far.  I was surprised how quickly some of my favorite older song were played early on into the show.  Nice mix up of their catalog!

Sadly this years Unity tour has come to a close.  All I can say is, thank you 311 for another amazing show and tour!  Fans, they will be back so keep an eye out for new music and a new tour.  When you hear about it, buy the music, buy your tickets and get out to party with 311!

311 Seattle Set List:

Transistor Intro
Freeze Time
Beautiful Disaster
Offbeat Bare Ass
Come Original
Friday Afternoon
Bass Solo
Use of Time
You Wouldn’t Believe
All Mixed Up
Applied Science
Who’s Got the Herb?
Rock On
Feels So Good
Creatures (For a While)


311 is:

Nick Hexum – vocals, guitar.
SA Martinez – vocals, dj.
Tim Mahoney – lead guitar.
P-Nut – bass.
Chad Sexton – drums.

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