Horror Punk Artists, Wednesday 13, Performed at El Corazon

September 18, 2016 By Guest Contributor: Jared Ream

For the people that love a mix of hard rock and horror movies, Friday night was their kind of night.   Local band Pill Brigade opened the night at El Corazon for the “… And Bloodshed For All” Tour 2016 with a good selection of electronica. They slammed out beats that almost forced you to head bang. They woke up the crowd with songs like “Monsters” and This Is Bartertown”, giving them a them a sample of what was going to be heard throughout the night. The crowd was left wanting more, and more was what was coming.

The second band to ramp up the night even more was another local band, I Am Infamy. Their sound is not unlike the old days of Avenged Sevenfold, with the screaming growling intros to songs and verses, followed closely by great harmonies and melodies that hold over the choruses. Lead singer Michael Vanson heads this 4 piece group through some of their songs, with a commanding stage presence. With a metal, Emo sound, they are a group that will go far in the Seattle music scene.

Third band to hit the stage, currently on the Bloodshed For All Tour, Open Your Eyes hail from Chicago. They are a power house group that produces what can be best compared to the vocals of AFI. They pump out power grooves, and licks that drive. Bassist Comron Fouladi and drummer Sandra Alva produced a rhythm section that was like connective tissue, holding the guitar licks from lead guitarist and vocalist Justin King together like they were destined to be together.

The fourth band on the line up was a two-piece art rock band from Austin, Texas, One-Eyed Doll. Don’t let the look of this dynamic duo lead you astray. The energy from lead Singer Kimberly Freeman, mixed with the power and energy from drummer Jason “Junior” Sewell, left you wondering, at the end of every song, where where will they go next? One-Eyed Doll has toured nationally with the likes of OTEP, Mushroomhead, and Orgy, which would account for their ability to feed off the crowd, as well as lead the crowd. Freeman’s high energy, and long black hair flowing and whipping around, enabled her to drive the crowd into an almost frenzy. This prepped them for the headliner of the night: Wednesday 13.

This truly commanding band can best be compared to the likes of White Zombie and Danzig. Lead singer Wednesday 13 came onto the fog filled stage shadowed in an eerie green light, draped in a cape. He started the set with Come Out and Plague, a track off their latest album, Monsters of the Universe. This was their second stop here in the PNW this year. The show was great to see in a local venue like El Corazon, but could have been featured in a larger venue with no problem. Wednesday 13’s commanding stage presence along with the bands power and interaction with the crowd, was a thrill to all who attended the concert.

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