Seattle Beer Showers Courtesy of Australian Rockers Airbourne

Having seen Airbourne at Sweden Rock Festival last summer, I could not believe my eyes when I read they were coming to a play a small pub in Seattle, WA in support of their upcoming release “Breakin Outta Hell” (due out Sept. 23).  I can’t recall the last time they were even in Seattle.  I wasn’t sure how they were going to pull off their wild show here so I snapped up a ticket months ago for this show to not miss the mayhem I knew was going to occur Friday night.

The crowd started queuing a few hours before doors opened at the Tractor Tavern.  Those in line early, long time fans wanting to be up front for the night.  Anyone who’s ever seen them before knows the show is a full party and the beer showers are ALWAYS free and plentiful if you are up close enough to the stage.  Friday night, that meant half way back in the venue.  I even got sprayed where I was at and I tried to make sure I was out of the shower zone.  FAIL, LOL!

The openers for this show were Canadians, The Wild.  These guys are from the Kelowna, B.C. area and wild is exactly what they were too.  These guys are some really fun rockers.  They hit the stage in full show mode and rocked the house hard!  Most people I chatted with before the show had never heard of these guys before this tour was announced.  Some had listened to a little of their music before the show, but not a lot so they were coming into this show not sure what to expect.  It was clear the crowd loved this band.  People were up on their feet pushing up to the stage to get a little closer to watch the show.  At one point guitarist, The Kid, fell off the stage and was caught by none other than notable concert photographer “Iron” Mike Savoia. Lucky for “The Kid”, Mike was simply watching the show and not shooting so he was able to catch him mid-fall.  Then the antics continued as “The Kid” and bassist Lucas “Boozus” had an impromptu drinking contest between songs with a round of beer bong.  These guys were really fun and were a great warm up for the insanity to ensue with Airbourne!  The Wild has a cd out now called GxDxWxB.  It’s worth checking out and these guys are definitely someone to go see live.

Onward to the main reason of the night, Airbourne!  Do I really even need to tell you about their show?  They always put on a great show, it’s never a let down.  With these guys, it’s all about great music, having fun and a shitload of beer.  Pretty simple. Well Friday night, was no different.  These guys commanded the stage with their amazing music and stage presence.  The show was packed full of high energy, fun and free beer showers, lots and lots of beer showers.  At one point in the show, vocalist/guitarist Joel O’Keeffe was carried through the crowd on the shoulders of a crew member over to the bar where he jumped up on top of the bar and continued to play, then grabbed a fresh beer and made his way back through the crowd and onto the stage with a cup still full to the top.  He took a chug from the cup then passed it on to someone in the audience.

At the show the band played the first to tracks of their new album “Breakin Outta Hell” which is set for release this Friday, Sept. 23.  The fans really loved the new music.  If you haven’t bought your copy yet, you need this album.  The first two tracks sound completely insane. If you have a tour date coming your way, go see them live.  They don’t come our way very often so get out there and see them. Their set that lasted just about an hour and a half and the fans loved every moment of the show.  You can’t go wrong with a ticket to see Airbourne.

I did an interview with David Roads (guitarist) and Justin Street (bassist) before the show on Friday.  I’ve linked the interview here.

I got a ton of show photos to for all of you to see, lots of beer showers!  Here are a few but check out the full Airbourne gallery on our website gallery.



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