No Savior for Seattle as Rotting Christ Slays on Their Unholy Crusade

Photo Credit: Ester Segarra

September 16, 2016 As the day came to a close and night crept closer the metal heads arrived to Studio Seven in Seattle, WA for a night of black metal that no one in the crowd will soon forget.

First up was local Seattle band Iquinok.  This group was a perfect way to start the evening off. The sound they brought set the atmosphere for the show.  The melodic metal band showed their power during their set and even got the pit moving early.  Whenever they are on a bill in your town don’t miss it.

Next up was Seattle’s Funeral Age.  Having missed them earlier this year during the Washington Death fest I was very excited to see this band who had recently returned from hiatus.  They did not disappoint.  The band pulled in the crowd with their speed and never stopped.  The group performed strong and got the crowd even more excited for the rest of the evening.  They are a band to watch when they are on the bill at any show you’re at.

The third band on the bill was Montreal’s own blackened death, metal power house Necronomicon.  With the crowd already rowdy from the bands before, Necronomicon came on to the stage with crazed fans ready to head bang and mosh it up.  With their 35 minute set, they decimated the crowd and with horns held up high thanked us one last time while blasting into a fan favorite “The Time Is Now.”  If you are going to a show and see this name on the bill, know that you are in for a treat of blackened death metal that you’ll want to see again and again.

With the crowd anxiously chomping at the bit for the next band to play, Carach Angren took to the stage.  Having seen them once before this year, I was very eager to see them again.  They came out strong with “There’s No Place Like Home” which stirred up the pit and got it moving for the rest of the night.  Seregor (vocalist) interacted with the crowd by getting up close and personal in the fans faces while Namtar (drummer) and Ardek (keyboard) blast through each song like a bullet from a smoking gun.  Carach Angren never disappoints live and will always leave a lasting impression with anyone who sees them.

Finally, the moment had arrived for Greek Black Metal legends Rotting Christ to take the stage.  With anticipation building, the lights went out and the intro track came on.  With the crowd cheering, the band hit the stage and went straight into their hour long set with ” Ze Nigmar”.  Instantly the crowd erupted into a full frenzy.  Bodies being were being hurled and heads were banging along to the rhythm, Rotting Christ showed Seattle what black metal is all about.  The band laid waste to Seattle and ended their powerful set with “Non Serviam”.  The crowd cheered as the band thanked everyone for coming out and supporting black metal.  This band delivers a powerful performance like no other can.  When they come to a city near you, don’t hesitate to go as you will not be disappointed.

Rotting Christ setlist for the night:

  • Ze Nigmar
  • Kata Ton Demona Eautou
  • Athanati Este
  • Elthe Kyrie
  • Apage Satana
  • The Sign Of Evil Existence
  • The Forest Of N’gai
  • Societas Satanas
  • In Yumen-Xibalba
  • Grandis Spiritus Diavolos
  • Noctis Era
  • Non Serviam

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