Echo and the Bunnymen Perform at The Moore Theater

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September 26, 2016 By Guest Contributor: Jared Ream

Friday evening, Echo and the Bunnymen’s 2016 tour made a stop at The Moore Theater in Seattle. Fans of all ages were in attendance to see the progressive British pop legend, Ian McCulloch, and the rest of the band perform.

But first, the opening band for the night, Ester Drang. They are a 4 piece band hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  To describe their music in a single word would be: whisper.  Haunting vocals, with melodic guitar riffs, gave their music a feeling of standing in a prairie in Oklahoma, listening to the notes carried by the wind.  A few songs in their line up had a Muse sound, while the remainder of their performance had a feel that exemplified their uniqueness.  Ester Drang captured the audience’s attention for a quick, but enjoyable, 45 minutes.

During the 50 minute intermission, the audience was standing around talking to one another, swapping stories about their lives and trading tales of concerts attended over the years.  The house lights faded, giving the sign that the show was about to start. As the lights faded in the packed house, a stampede of people rushed to the stage to get close to lead singer, Ian McCulloch, of the world famous band, Echo and the Bunnymen, as he stepped onto the stage.  The British pop legend kept the sold out crowd entertained with his amazing lyrics, sung forth with his thick Scottish brogue.  Dressed in a black jacket, black slacks, and black shirt, he crossed the stage to the roar of the crowd.  In what was to be his main stance for the night, he grasped the mic-stand with a Jim Morrison type crossed hand grip and opened the set with “Going Up”, the first song on his first album “Crocodiles” which debuted in 1980.

Between songs he would occasionally say something, but like Ian said during one of the breaks, “My Scottish accent is so thick, that when I’m up on stage nobody can understand me”.  He kept the talking to a minimum, but kept the music, and for some in the audience the memories, flowing.  Joining Ian on stage was lead guitarist Will Sargeant, who stood on the left side of the stage in his head down pose, expressing himself with his six-strings.  Using what looked like metal cups to create sounds that in this modern day, could be re-created with computers. Will stuck to his tried and true techniques, producing music that the masses craved.  Joining Ian and Will on stage were Gordy Goudie on rhythm guitar, Stephen Brannan on bass, Jez Wing on keyboards and Nick Kilroe on drums.

The night was filled with awesome music and a lot of fun.  The performance came to a close after double encore with everyone’s favorite, “Lips Like Sugar”.  The capacity crowd responded by singing along.  You could feel the energy in the air as the people sung along with this most recognizable song.  As many would agree, this was an excellent way to end the enthralling show.

Set list:
Going Up
Do It Clean
All That Jazz
Seven Seas
Bedbugs & Ballyhoo
In The Margins
Over The Wall
Never Stop
Villiers Terrace
Dancing Horses
The Killing Moon
The Outter
Nothing Lasts Forever
Lips Like Sugar

Show Photo Gallery (Photo Credit: Jared Ream)

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