A 99.9 KISW Passing Conversation Comes True; The Steve Migs Birthday Show

An Evening With Windowpane, Ten Miles Wide, Superfekta, Wyatt Olney and The Wreckage and Mach Society

October 17, 2016 By Guest Contributor: Jared Ream

That statement was going through Steve Mig’s mind Saturday night. If you don’t know who Steve Migs, is then you don’t listen to the Seattle rock station, 99.9 KISW. Steve, who was at one time known as Steve the Producer, has a pod cast called The Migs Cast. It is recorded every Tuesday with fellow radio DJ, The Reverend Enfuego, and the lead singer of Windowpane, Glenn Cannon. Steve was talking about having a show to celebrate his birthday in October, and the guys on the podcast all agreed that it’d be a rocking night. One week later, Glenn had put together a kick-ass lineup, and he told Steve the news. The bands rocked out Saturday October 8, at a Studio 7, to a nearly sold out crowd.

The opening band, Mach Society, hit the stage in a smooth and powerful way, warming up the excited crowd. Their set kicked the tires and lit the fires on a night that was sure to not slow down. Terry Houser, their singer, lead the 4 piece group in a powerful blend of hard rock and heavy metal originals. Terry and other members of the group are quoted saying that like to call their original songs, “All killer and no filler” music. They focus on laying down thick bass grooves, and infectious leads, that keep you wanting more.

Next to hit the stage: Wyatt Olney and The Wreckage. With singer and songwriter Wyatt Olney leading the pack, this power group tore through their set in what seemed like no time at all. Wyatt explained how the group had taken a hiatus but were back stronger than ever. Their set was filled with energetic acoustic rifts and melodic lyrics. Seattle should expect to see and hear more from them.

The third band on the bill, Superfekta, kept the momentum going. Lead singer Kyyle Cort mastered the lead strings, and vocals. As they were taking the stage, it was pretty obvious that there was no slowing this night down. These guys have 17 together under their belt. As veterans of the Seattle music scene, they had no problem holding the pace of the night.

Next to perform, Ten Miles Wide, a band that started as “Mothership” in 2011. With changes in their lineup during 2014, a rebranding of the band was needed. Wanting to maintain a connection to their previous work, they decided and agreed upon the name Ten Miles Wide, which was the title of the debut album as Mothership. Ten Miles Wide was born and kicked off in 2015, with John Beckman on lead vocals and lead guitars. He runs his crew in an very unorthodox fashion, having the lyrics of his songs on scrap pieces of paper in front of him. His vocals blending with his lead guitar riffs give a feeling like you were listening to a modern version of the Doors. Rhythm guitarist, Jake Carden, filled the harmonies of the lead guitar with exacting precision. With the deep bass riffs of Ryan Thornes (bass), knitted in with the powerful drums of Will Andrews, the rhythm section added a depth and a feeling that can only be described as particular to Ten Miles Wide. With catchy infectious grooves like “Gotta Go”, they are able to bridge a gap between rock and alternative.

This wasn’t just a night for Migs, this was also a CD release party for Seattle rock band Klover Jane who took to the stage filled with energy. Rane Stone led and commanded the group through thick vicious riffs, that are dripping from the adrenaline induced rock-n-roll devil horn raising through out the night. With a powerful set of guitarists in JT Phillips and Jeff Noble, they are able to shred through songs like “Livin To Ride” then slow it down to rock through a power ballad like “Walk Away”. Rane’s vocals give the group a guttural feeling that makes you want to jump and get in the groove. With this night also being their CD release party, there were party favors flowing. There was a giant die floating across the room, inflatable hammers and t-shirts being thrown out to the crowd. Rane topped his style with handing out single roses to the women of the crowd.

Windowpane, the unofficial ambassadors of the local music scene in Seattle, closed out the night with their standard line up of old songs from previous albums mixed with songs off their new album. Shredding through their set, they only paused once and that was to invite Steve Migs and The Reverend Enfuego to join them on the stage to sing to the crowd the all new “Beat Migs” theme song for the game on the BJ & Migs morning radio show. Migs, who himself has plenty of stage time as the drummer for the group Peter Parker, controlled the crowd and showed his many thanks to Glenn Cannon and Tony Abreu for setting up the show, arranging the bands and even setting up the live stream to over 41 countries around the world.   With a luscious blend of their crowd favorite song “#28” and the classic Led Zeppelin song “Kashmir”. They continued the night with the tribute to the music we all grew up listening to and loving, “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath. Not to many bands can cover this song, and do it right. Windowpane does it and slaughters it. You could feel the love for not only this band, but for all of the bands that graced the stage this night. This was a night that truly showed the power of Seattle local music. Good Job Seattle.

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