Album Review: “Nova” by RavenEye

If you love great rock music with vocals that match the music like a hand in a glove, you need to get a copy of “Nova” by the English band RavenEye.  This September 2016 release is one well worth dropping your money on.

As I started listening to the album I was immediately pulled into the great instrumentals on “Wanna Feel You” and as the vocals began I found myself instantly pulled into the music.  There are so many times today when you hear amazing instrumentals and then the vocals start and to be quite blunt, they suck.  Not the case here.  From the beginning of this album through to the very last song, this album is full of amazing guitar riffs, insane bass riffs, awesome beats and ever changing tempos from from the drums.  Add to that the great vocals and you will easily find yourself moving to their music and trying to sing along right away.

This album has a great heavy sound to it, yet it holds that classic rock style through out each song.  It’s not a metal album, it’s solid rock n roll.  It’s got a mix of blues, modern/alternative and garage rock all in one.  Their writing is superb and the band has clearly found their sound.  I didn’t hear any throw away songs on this release.  For the most part, the entire album is an in your face, good time, hard rock album.  The last track of the album switches it up just a bit.  “Eternity” is where the guys slow it down and go acoustic to show a different side of their sound, then half way through the song they transition back into a full rock song by dropping the acoustic sound and diving into a heavier all over rock sound all while still maintaining the mellow vibe in the song.

RavenEye is a trio that consists of Oli Brown (vocals/guitar), Aaron Spiers (bass) and Adam Breeze (drums).  They came together in 2014 and released an EP “Breaking Out” in 2015, that’s when I first heard the band, thanks to a local English friend who shared the EP with me.  I really enjoyed their sound on their EP and knew they’d be a band to keep an eye on.  With the release of “Nova”, they have proven they have a place at the music table.  This 11 track album is one you should definitely add to your collection.  These guys are here to stay and you need to seek them out today. Check out the videos below from RavenEye.

You can pick up your copy of “Nova” most places you can buy digital albums, I’ve linked their available downloads.  You can also connect with the band on social media via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Track Listing for “NOVA”:

1. Wanna Feel You
2. Come With Me
3. Inside
4. Hero
5. Supernova
6. Walls
7. Oh My Love
8. Madeline
9. Hate
10. Out Of The Rain
11. Eternity

Here is the video for the song “Hero” off the new album:

Here’s the lyric video for their EP “Breaking Out” self titled song:

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