Steel Panther Was Larger Than Life on the “Well Hungover Tour” in Seattle

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November  19th,  2016

As drivers went past the Showbox Sodo last Saturday they must have been asking themselves “What year is it and why are there so many people with big hair in Spandex?”  The answer was simple; Steel Panther was about to rock Seattle to it’s core.

With a river of liquor and beer already flowing throughout the sold out venue the stage was set for local opener December In Red.  The band brought a heavy sound with a mixture of screaming and clean singing alongside pummeling  drums and guitar.  This band brought out the headbangers for the evening.  If you are a fan of more hard hitting sounds then December  In  Red is a band to check out.  If they are playing a show near you I’d suggest going for an awesome performance.

During the intermission, an 80’s hair metal soundtrack was being played over the crowd while the crew got the stage ready for Steel Panther.  Even before the band came on the crowd was singing along to the songs being played over the speakers.  As the lights went out the crowd erupted with thunderous applause, screaming and chanting “Steel Panther!  Steel Panther!” as  drummer, Stix  Zadinia, took his spot behind the drum kit.  As the rest of the band walked out on stage, Satchel (guitar), Lexxi  Foxx (bass) and Michael Starr (vocals), the crowd started putting up the sign of  “the shocker”.  The band then kicked  off the show with a fan favorite Eyes of the Panther.  The hour and a half long set was a nonstop barrage of some of the crudest yet funniest humor you could see at a live event.  This was my fourth time seeing this band and I knew what to expect, but for a newcomer to a Steel Panther show, some of their performance may be a bit of a surprise.  To me, it just added to the fun of the evening of raunchy debauchery.

Steel Panther put on an entertaining show.  If the tour is coming to a city near you, do not hesitate to buy tickets and pull your spandex out of the closet.  Their shows usually sell out, so make sure to buy in advance or you may not get to “Feel  The  Steel”.

Seattle Setlist:

Eyes  of  The  Panther
Just  Like  Tiger  Woods
Party  Like  Tomorrow  Is  The  End  Of  The  World
Asian  Hooker
Fat  Girl
Let  Me  Cum  In
Guitar  Solo
It  Won’t  Suck  Itself
She’s  On  The  Rag
Girl  From  Oklahoma
17  Girls  In  A  Row
Death  To  All  But  Metal
Community  Property
Party  All  Day

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