Queensryche Rocks Seattle on Opening Night of Condition Human Tour

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Queensrÿche has long been one of Seattles favorite rock bands.  Growing up in the local area, I’ve been a fan since the 80’s myself.   The guys are always good about making sure to hit Seattle on their tours whether at the end or the beginning, so no one should be surprised that our local rockers would open their current Condition Human tour in Seattle at the Showbox at the Market.  Accompanying Queensrÿche on this tour was Midnight Eternal, a symphonic metal band from New York City and Armored Saint… who really need no introduction!

Determined fans queued up early and stood in line through the rain storm that blew through the night of the show to see our local guys hit the stage.  First up for the evening was Midnight Eternal who are touring in support of their self titled album Midnight Eternal that was released in April 2016.  Fronted by the sultry vocals of Raine Hilai, Midnight Eternal took to the stage and performed a solid opening set of really enjoyable symphonic metal to warm the fans up for the rest of the evening ahead.  This is a band to check out if you are a fan of the symphonic metal genre, their sound is really good.

Second up for the night, Armored Saint.  These guys need no introduction, they’ve been making metal music since 1982 and have long had their name in many of the same conversations about Queensrÿche by many music fans.  The guys hit the stage in full metal mode and rocked the Seattle fans who were thrilled to hear many of their favorite Armored Saint tunes.  The guys are on tour in support of Carpe Noctum and their latest studio album, Win Hands Down (2015).

The main event of the night of course was Queensrÿche.  Since making their mark with their first release of their self titled EP Queensrÿche in 1982 this Seattle band has remained in the rock music scene ever since.  With a few years of downtime here and there, the exit of original guitarist and subsequent replacements Chris DeGarmo, Kelly Grey and Mike Stone, then of course the big break up between the band and former vocalist, Geoff Tate that no one could miss that was followed by a long court battle, the band has moved on and forward relatively unscathed.  The band added the current vocalist, Todd La Torre in 2012.  Being a fan since the EP it’s always sad to see original members depart, but that happens and we all move on.  I liked Tate, but also truly enjoy La Torres vocals a well.  So for me it’s a win for the band and the fans.

It’s been a bit since I last saw the band perform live.  Last tour I caught was with the Scorpions tour that came through Seattle almost 2 years ago at the Showare Center where the guys just killed it!  Queensrÿche paired with the Scorpions was a dream show!  So how did that show compare to the latest tour?  It was awesome!  The guys were ready to lay out some hard rock to the fans and just have a night of fun.  Maybe it’s because of being in Seattle or the first night of the tour or the combination of the two, the guys were just ready to come out and blow our faces off with a steady stream of new and old hits.  They played many of the fan favorites paired with some of their newer tunes.  This was one really great show.  I suggest you guys get out there and see this tour.  The guys are on tour through December so check their dates and go out and support this entire line up.  You will have a great time.



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