Hell’s Belles Rocked Seattle Fans Into 2017

Seattle’s all female AC/DC tribute band, Hell’s Belles spent New Year’s Eve rocking out with fans at the Showbox at the Market in Seattle.  Opening for them was the all female Black Sabbath tribute band, Black Sabbitch, from Los Angeles.

Being the biggest party night of the year, the fans were all ready partying before arriving at the venue.  Everyone came in excited and ready to have a great evening.  Fans donned their heads with light up red horns, grabbed a few drinks and gathered around the stage waiting for the evening to kick off.

First up for the evening was the amazing group Black Sabbitch.  I hadn’t seen the group perform before this show and what a treat it was.  They sounded amazing and put on a really good show.  The fans really enjoyed themselves and pressed in against the stage trying to be close these gals as they rocked the house.  Everything in the music and the vocals with this band was spot on.  If you’ve never checked this band out, I suggest that you do.  You will not be disappointed.

Onto the main event of the evening, Hell’s Belles.  We love our local gals here in Seattle, although a few of them are living outside of the Seattle area today, they are still our Seattle gals!  I have to tell you, you can never see a bad Hell’s Belles show.  These rockers come out every show with the intent to rock the hell out of the fans and they do it with perfection.  There is nothing to not love about one of their shows.  This band loves to interact with the fans so much that you will rarely ever find a stage barrier at one of their shows, they want the fans to be up close and personal with them while they perform.

As their set kicked off the fans were already in the mood to be rowdy and enjoy themselves.  Fans were singing along as vocalist Amber Saxon belted out song after song.  The fans got particularly excited with the axe slinging Adrian “Angus Young” Conner did her signature floor spinning that lead into her teasing routine of the night where she pull’s off her tie and top and then bares her bum to the crowd.  Men and women fans alike were all in at this point, they were rocking out just as much as the band was.  I don’t usually spend my New Year’s Eve out and about but I have to say, I am thrilled that I rang 2017 in with the Hell’s Belles.  That was the right way to start the new year!

Hell’s Belles has tour dates on their calendar.  Head over to their page and check for a date near you.  As for Seattle, Hell’s Belles has two shows scheduled around the area.  For your next chance to catch them locally:

March 11: Jazzbones in Tacoma

April 15: El Corazon in Seattle

Here are a few show photos from the show.  The entire galleries from both sets are on our Facebook page and up in our photo gallery link on the menu bar.

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