Seattle’s Piston Ready Set to Release New Album Scat Pack ’68 on February 10 at El Corazon’s Funhouse

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January 24, 2017  Seattle’s own Piston Ready has a new album Scat Pack ’68 coming out on February 10, 2017.  They have an official release party scheduled that night at El Corazon’s Funhouse with a pretty great local lineup that includes Zero Down, Acid Teeth and The Stuntmen.  Come out and support local live music and pick up a copy of the new album!

Living it the local Seattle area I have had the pleasure to see Piston Ready perform live a few times, these guys and gals have already shown me as well as other locals they have what it takes to put on a great rock show!   I had a chance to check out the new album today and I can tell you this is an album you will want to pick up. It’s a pretty solid rock album.  Sorry guys, there are no screaming vocals nor any gutturals on this album, this is just raw rock n roll.

The albums starts off with a fast tempo with grinding and whining guitars with raspy vocals on Breakdown.  When you get to Burning Sons you may notice some of The Cult influence with the undertones in Piston Ready‘s sound, it’s pretty killer.  Then as you get to (The Legend of) White Thunder you will hear some slight AC/DC guitar hooks as well as in a few other tracks on this album.  There were a few spots throughout the album where I noticed that the lead vocals  fade down a bit under the music, but nothing miserable about those few occurances. I mean really that’s the only thing I noticed about the entire album that I could point out that sounded the slightest bit off, but I also  listened to it in a very OCD manner to hear every little detail.  For the average listener you won’t even notice it, it’s that slight.  All in all this is a really good rock album Piston Ready is releasing and I would say, get out and see them live and definitely pick up a copy of Scat Pack ’68.

Piston Ready is:
Lauren Bee Banshee – vocals
Cpt. Seawolf Dee – Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Ocean Ford – Bass Guitar
Dana Sims – Drums
Mischa Monsta Kianne – Lead and Rhythm Guitar

Scat Pack ’68 was recorded at Khaos Studio by Chad McMurray. Mixed by Jack Endino at Soundhouse Recordings. Mastered by Hanzsek Audio by Chris Hanzsek.

Scat Pack ’68 Track list:



Previous Piston Ready Releases:
Westbound and Up (EP) 2011
Mopurrr Single 2015



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