Album Review: The Wild! “Wild At Heart”

I came across The Wild! for the first time last year (2016) when they were on tour with the Australian band Airbourne on their North American Breakin’ Outta Hell tour.  Having never heard of The Wild!  I was pleasantly surprised when they started playing.  These guys have a really great rock sound and put on a fun live show full of rock n roll and chugging beer.  Their 2015 EP GxDxWxB was a great release and I picked up a copy before leaving the show to be able to enjoy it long after the show was over.  GxDxWxB is short for “God Damn Wild Boys”, which comes through loud and clear in their live shows!

I was excited to see this new album come across my desk.  Wild At Heart is another hit! These rowdy Canadians know how to make good music that’s just plain fun and it’s clear they are not one hit wonders or a band that just got lucky with their first EP.  These guys definitely know how to write good music and how to express it when they play it.  There is nothing pretentious about this album, just damn fine rock n roll.  It’s clear on this album that their music is about having fun and just enjoying the music.

Frontman, Dylan Villain has unique vocals.  His voice is rich and raspy and from time to time it channels a bit of Bon Scott (AC/DC).  Add that to the mixture of guitars from The Kid, bass from Boozus and drums from Reese Lightning and you have one hell of a band. The music is a mix of gritty yet bluesy guitars that wane and grind, with strong bass beats and killer percussion from the drums.  Some tracks are up tempo and rock your ass off and others slow it down a bit into a blues rock groove.  There is something for all of you rock music lovers on this album.

Wild at Heart is another enjoyable release from The Wild! and I would definitely say get out and get a copy of the new album. Then when you have the chance, check out The Wild! live. Their live show is a great time.

The Wild!’s new album Wild at Heart is slated for release on February 17, 2017 on eOne Music.

Track List:
Ready To Roll
Livin’ Free
White Devil
Another Bottle
Best In The West
Six Hundred Sixty Six
Rattlesnake Shake
Run Home
Down At The Bottom
Kansas City Shuffle

The Wild! is:
Dylan Villain – Vocals/Lead Guitar
The Kid – Guitars / Backing Vocals
Boozus – Bass/Vocals
Reese Lightning – Drums


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