Kasim Sulton Releases “Live Bootleg” Album

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The name Blue Öyster Cult is an easily recognizable name for most rock music fans out there. And one thing I like to talk about when it comes to music, is projects that band members do outside of the big acts they are part of. One of the members of the band, Kasim Sulton (bassist) has a solo project he’s been working on for a bit of time that’s not rock music like you’d expect with Blue Öyster Cult, but has more of a pop/easy listening and singable rock style that I have been enjoying. So I wanted to touch on that project because Live Bootleg dropped today.

I’ve already downloaded my copy and have been giving it a thorough listening to. This is a really cool project that’s been released via pledgemusic.com that’s definitely worthy of checking out. Lots of cool instrumentals on this one tied in with smooth vocals.

For those of you not familiar with Kasim Sulton let me give you a quick run down on who he is. In his career Kasim has worked with many of the greats from Patty Smyth, Joan Jett, Hall & Oates, Meatloaf, Blue Öyster Cult, The New Cars, Utopia, Mick Jagger, Cheap Trick, Richie Sambora, Celine Dion, etc. just to name a few of the people he’s worked with in his very successful career. With some of those names you can kind of get an idea of the pop/rock style I am referring to in his music.

Live Bootleg was recorded in 2015 at The Cutting Room in NYC and Hotel Utah in San Francisco.  This album is raw, gritty and full of really great live music that is a mix of songs with a full band and then stripped down with some songs just in acoustic. Many of the songs on this live album are from Kasim‘s 2014 release “3” but there are a few songs from other times in his musical career. What I like about his music is for those who actually like to sing along to an album, his songs are singable and memorable. Some of the songs on this album are fun tunes with lots of piano, others have lots of cool guitars. There’s something a little different on each song. Even for me, a professed rock n roll and often noted metalhead, I really like this album. Then again, I also really dig bands like Hall & Oates and Cheap Trick, so it’s not that surprising I’d dig this one.

One of the other cool things about this project that Kasim has done is to set aside a portion of the sales for charity with an organization known as My Stuff Bags Foundation. The My Stuff Bags Foundation provides new belongings, comfort and hope to thousands of children each year who must be rescued from abuse, neglect and abandonment across the United States. So your purchase of Kasim Sulton‘s Live Bootleg is also going to help a child in need. Pretty cool if you ask me!

How can you get a copy of Kasim Sulton‘s Live Bootleg? Check out his Pledge Music Page for all the details. You can even get your hands on some pretty cool collectibles.  Once the Pledge Music project ends you will be able to purchase Live Bootleg through most places you can buy music.

Live Bootleg (9 Tracks):
15 Minutes
Watching the World Go By
Too Much On Her Mind
Maybe I Can Change
Yellow Cab
God Of Low
Set Me Free

Kasim has a limited East Coast spring tour coming up that starts on April 5th (that’s while still doing the Blue Öyster Cult shows too, busy man!).

Here are those tour dates and ticket links:

WED 4/5 New York, NY  – The Iridium
SUN 4/9 Pawling, NY  – Daryl’s House
THU 4/13 Berlin, NJ –  The Vault
THU 4/20 New Hope, PA –  Havana


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