Reel Big Fish Pulls In A Sold Out Crowd At The Showbox Market

Reel Big Fish

February 13, 2017   Saturday night in Seattle, a long line started to form in front of the Marquee at Showbox Market.  Reel Big Fish was in town to play their classic album ” Turn The Radio Off” in full to a sold out crowd.

First band up for the night was band Pkew Pkew Pkew from Canada.  The punk band quickly got the crowd into a frenzy as a pit opened up right by the security barrier.  The band blasted through their half hour set with a lot of energy that was matched by the audience.  These guys put on quite a show and really set the tone for the evening.

Next up was Ballyhoo! from Maryland.  The band has a very unique sound with elements of rock, punk, pop punk and reggae.  Many audience members were belting out lyrics word for word with vocalists Howi Spangler (Lead vocals/guitar) and Scott Vandrey (Keyboards and vocal harmonies).  The bands 35 minute set featured fan favorites “Close To Me” , “Sandcastles” , “Boner” and finally ending with “Cerveza”.  The band really brought a unique spin to a punk show.

With the crowd chomping at the bit, the stage was being set up for punk legends Anti Flag The band was playing their 1996 album “Die For The Government” in full.  With an American flag hung upside down, the audience roared as the bands amplifiers were uncovered featuring text that read “Pray For a Cloudy Day” with a military jet next to it and “An Army of One” alongside a child holding a firearm.  The audience became very rowdy as the band opened up their hour long set with “You’d Do the Same”.  With a massive circle pit and bodies being hurled over the security barrier, Anti flag completely decimated Seattle.  The craziest part of the night was during the final song when drummer Pat Thetic and Chris Barker (also known as Chris #2) opened up the front row and brought the drum kit and mic stand down and played in the audience.  If you see this band on a bill make sure to show up for their set.  They will not let you down.

With the crowd psyched up from the opening performances, Reel Big Fish were ready to take the stage.  The lights went out and the crowd erupted as the sound of horns were blaring to the sold out Showbox crowd.  Audience members were chanting ” Ole, Ole, Ole” while band members walked out to start the set.  The hour and thirty minute set was packed full of hit favorites such as “Another FU Song”, “Sell Out”, “All I Want Is More”, “Beer” and “Everyone Else Is An Asshole”.  The crowd went crazy as the final song of the night, “Take On Me” was played.  With a final thank you, the band waved farewell to the frenzied crowd.  Reel Big Fish is always a fun show to see.  If you they are coming to a city near you make sure to be there.  Most of their shows sell out before the day of the show so make sure to buy advanced tickets.  If you are lucky enough to catch one of the final three dates of this tour you will not be disappointed by any of the bands on the bill.

Reel Big Fish Setlist:
I Want Your Girlfriend To Be My Girlfriend Too
Another F.U. Song
Your Guts
Sell Out
Join The Club
She has A Girlfriend Now
Snoop Dogg Baby
Everything Sucks
All I Want Is More
Say ‘Ten’
I’ll Never Be
Alternative, Baby
I’m Cool
Everyone Else Is An Asshole
Where Have You Been
Take On Me

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