Born Of Osiris and Volumes Crushed Seattle Thursday Night

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February 3, 2017  A lengthy line was outside the doors of Studio Seven last Thursday.  Born Of Osiris was in town to play their debut album “The New Reign” in full.

First up for the evening was Fire From The Gods from Austin, Texas. I had been told many good things about this band before the show and they did not disappoint.  Vocalist Aj Channer got the crowd jumping and moving pretty quick.  The crowd opened up a big pit which lasted the rest of the bands half hour set.  If you see this bands name on a bill make sure to be there to see them, they will not let you down.

Next up was Oceans Ate Alaska from Birmingham, England.  With a command from lead vocalist Jake Noakes, the room quickly tuned into a tornado of bodies as a circle pit opened up.  The bands half hour set was filled with fan favorites “Blood Brothers”, “Floorboards”, “To Catch A Flame” and finishing off with “Vultures & Sharks”.  Not only was their set solid, they had a special request from an audience member.  The band stepped to the side as a fan proposed to his girlfriend on stage.  She said yes and the entire audience erupted in applause.  This was definitely a set many will remember for some time.

The third band on the bill was the Los Angeles based band Volumes.  With an already rowdy crowd, the band came out roaring on all cylinders and the crowd fed off of that energy.  Vocalists Gus Farias and Myke Terry hyped up the crowd and got everyone from the floor to that bar moving and having a good time.  During their song “91367″ Gus jumped on top of the security barrier and started singing with the audience.  With both vocalists calling for pits constantly three different ones opened up at one time which sent the audience into a frenzy.  The highlight of the set came during the song “Pistol Play” when both Gus and Myke told the audience they wanted everyone to move and get crazy.  They called it a contest to see who was the craziest audience member. The winner of the contest got something free from the merchandise table.  As soon as the song kicked in people were going over the barrier one after another.  At one point one audience member climbed onto a lighting shelf just below the bar and jumped off.  The band finished their 45 minute set wrapping up with the song “Wormholes”Volumes has a fantastic feel to their sound and for sure knows how to stir up a crowd.  Whenever they are out on tour or are in a city near you make sure to be there.

Final set of the night went to the headliners, Born Of Osiris.  The band quickly started blasting through “The New Reign.  Audience members started going up and over the barrier pretty quickly.  The crowd went completely insane as soon as fan favorite “Bow Down” got started turning the entire venue into a massive pit from the front of the barricade to the back.  The almost hour long set came to a close with song “Goddess Of The Dawn”. These guys have been around for quite a while and know how to put on a show.  If you are able to catch one of the remaining tour dates I suggest going.


Born Of Osiris Setlist:
Empires Erased
Open Arms To Damnation
Abstract Art
The New Reign
Brace Legs
Bow Down
The Takeover
Glorious Day
Follow The Signs
The Sleeping And The Dead
Throw Me In The jungle
Goddess Of The Dawn

Review and photos by Patrick Burt

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