Album Review: Monumentum, Swedish Rockers Eclipse’s Best Album Yet!

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This morning the advance copy of Frontiers Music srl artist, Eclipse, came across my email.  I’ve been waiting for this one to show up for months now after hearing the guys wrapped up recording in late 2016.  I have been looking forward to hearing what’s next from one of the best Swedish rock bands out there today.  In my opinion, Monumentum is set to be one of the best rock albums of 2017!

I can’t think of a better way to explain Eclipse‘s new album Monumentum except for Bleed and Scream meets Armageddonize x100! It’s completely mind blowing.  For those of you that are already fans of the band Eclipse, you’re not going to believe what you hear once you get your hands on this new album.  I always wonder how a band who’s put out two great albums in a row will top their last release.  In the case of Eclipse I am not questioning that anymore, they have given one hell of an answer to every thought I had with Monumentum.  Not only did they manage to top the last release Armageddonize, they simply blew it away.

When looking at what it will take to make Eclipse explode around the world, this album is the one that will do it.  I am completely convinced after listening to this new album over and over that this is Eclipse‘s year to become known to every fan of rock music around the world.  This album should be a runaway success for the band and if it’s not, rock music fans will have failed us all!

From the beginning track Vertigo all the way through to the ending track Black Rain, it’s a solid rock album. There’s not a single song on this album that sucks or wastes your time.  There are no throw away or fillers songs either.  As the main song writers, Erik Mårtensson and Magnus Henriksson make a great writing team.  They manage to write songs that they love and that fans love even more.  I’ve heard them say many times before that they don’t try to finesse a song that’s not working, they toss it out and start over.  It’s clear that’s part of the key to their writing success, if an artist doesn’t even feel what they are writing how can any fan?

Every part of the music written on this album is something you’re going to stop and say wow, how did they do that? or what was that they just did in that part?  You won’t discover all of the details as you listen to the album the first few times either.  Each time you listen to this new album you will find a new element to appreciate.  Whether it’s Erik‘s vocals, Magnus H‘s insane riffs, the rhythms from Magnus U on bass or beats from Philip on drums throughout each song, there is something crazy to love about each song on this album.  At one point while in the process of recording Monumentum there was a photo of Philip Crusner (drums) that surfaced where he was curled up on the floor in the studio (many jokes went along with that photo about Erik working him too hard too haha) and now hearing the drums in this album, I get it!  Eclipse doesn’t do anything half-hearted with their music.  It’s intense, it’s special, it’s Eclipse!

So let me give you a breakdown of Monumentum. There are 11 tracks on the new album. They are:

1. Vertigo
2. Never Look Back
3. Killing Me
4. The Downfall of Eden
5. Hurt
6. Jaded
7. Born To Lead
8. For Better or for Worse
9. No Way Back
10. Night Comes Crawling
11. Black Rain

So far, the first 3 tracks Vertigo, Never Look Back, Killing Me (which released today) have been released for fans to enjoy. They are just building the momentum of the release. Then you hit track 4 The Downfall of Eden and you hear some familiarity of the known Eclipse sound from previous albums, but on a new level. I hear earlier album influences through out the new album, but not in a repeat way, just little elements here and there. Like a familiar riff in one spot or vocals in another, along those lines, especially with For Better or For Worse.  All the things that makes Eclipse‘s sound unique, but evolving and growing into something new and even better.

Quite a few songs on this album have what appear to be deep and painful lyrics, a noticeable theme that listeners will pick up on Never Look Back, Killing Me, Hurt, Jaded, For Better or For Worse. Could this be a break up album or just clever writing? Many will interpret this album as a break up album and some fans will probably apply many of the songs to their own personal situations. Then there are songs that are just killer songs to sing along to that don’t appear on the surface to have as much deep meaning more than let’s just rock your ass off like with Vertigo, No Way Back, The Downfall of Eden, Night Comes Crawling and Black Rain (one of my favorite for the bass on this album). You are going to get strong, angry, in your face and at time vulnerable lyrics through each song and as with past albums, these songs are all songs you will find yourselves singing along to.  If you are like me and love the chance to scream along with Erik when he let’s loose, you will have plenty of chances to do just that.  This album definitely has his most aggressive vocals to date.

The album wraps up with Black Rain which just reaches out to grab you and pull you back into the entire album experience. It’s one of the heaviest songs on the album and what a way to wrap it up!  You’re not going to want to turn this one off and that’s ok, hit repeat and let it just keep playing.  This is one of the best albums I’ve heard so far this year, of all the albums I’ve heard out there and the best one yet from Eclipse.  Do yourself a favor and pre-order this album so you get it as soon as it’s released.  This is one that you NEED in your collection.  You don’t want to discover this years down the road when you can enjoy now and for many years to come.

Erik Mårtensson – lead vocals, guitars
Magnus Henriksson – guitars
Philip Crusner – drums
Magnus Ulfstedt – bass

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