Sticky Dirt: Out of Order

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Lund, Sweden natives Sticky Dirt dropped their new album Out of Order via the label Legit Smiles on Thursday and let me tell you fans of good old hard rock music with a punk infusion, this album is really rad!  This one is the ultimate soundtrack for a great night out!

This album kicks of with a one-two punch of back to back kick ass songs, “Disney Rocks” and “Wow (Such Song)”.  After my first full listen through Out of Order I was immediately thinking, this band would be the kind you’d expect to see on tour with bands like Airbourne.  The energy in their music is very much as intense as Airbourne’s is and screams, “We are here to have fun”!  Don’t just take my word on it, check out the video release of “Atleast Your Sister Likes Us Better” below.

If that was not enough for you, you can listen to “Wow (Such Song)” via Spotify here.

There is a love song on this album but not in any traditional sense of the love ballad. In Sticky Dirt fashion they have added their own spin on pouring their hearts out about how they want to love you, they want to “smell your awful breath”, they want to “be there when you puke” because you are “the reason they breathe and live”, now that’s truth in any real relationship but in hard rockin’ style. It’s one of the 2 slowed down tracks on this crazy rockin’ album.

Don’t worry about the slowed tempo, right after the “ballad” is over you will be thrown right back into the intensity of Sticky Dirt with “Is It Rock?”, a bluesy rock infused song that will have your heart pounding.  You will even get one track completely in Swedish on this album, “Staten Och Kapitalet”.  Yes, I did say this song is in Swedish.  (Du talar Svenska?  Nej?) It’s ok, just kick back and enjoy it! It’s a great song.

The final track on this album “The Loop” is a slowed track with an acoustic guitar playing through out the song.

All in all, this is a really enjoyable album and is one I recommend that you pick up today.

So where can you pick up your copy of Out of Order?  Through the bands Facebook, Website, Itunes, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal and Deezer.

Sticky Dirt is:
Tysken Jönsson – screams
Dennis Nyström – 6-string
Andreas Nyström – 6-string
Alexander Jonsson – 4-string
Oliver Farkas – sticks

Out of Order tracks:
Disney Rock
Wow (Such Song)
Atleast Your Sister Likes Us Better
Favorite Green
Is It Rock?
Asian Express
World Keeps Spinning
Staten Och Kapitalet
The Loop

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