KILL THE MUSIC Premieres HereComeHere’s Newest Single “Crybaby”

Kill The Music has debuted the second single off HereComeHere’s latest album,Chernobyl. The single, ‘Crybaby‘, is a trip down memory lane; a flashback to the 2000s when rock/rap crossover groups exploded onto the mainstream charts.  Lyrically, the song plays off of groups from that era touting their own toughness, creating a facade of self-confidence.  It’s hard not to feel a bit of teenage angst and nostalgia when listening to ‘Crybaby’, and we’re here for it.

“This song is a bit different than the rest of the album; It’s a bit more lighthearted. An homage to 2000’s rap-rock groups, spouting off about how they’re the coolest, dopest, toughest guys out there. We all sang along in our bedrooms to those tunes, believing the lyrics were true. Now we look back on those groups and songs and laugh at how silly the content was. But, personally, those songs helped shape who I am today: a scared human being, pretending I can take anything thrown my way. Maybe if we lie to ourselves enough, it will become true.”

Chernobyl will release on April 8th, and is a follow up to HereComeHere’s first full-length album Pants Were A Bad Idea.

For fans of : The Deftones, Incubus, Chevelle

STREAM: “Crybaby” on Kill The Music

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