Yngwie Malmsteen’s World on Fire Tour Scorches the Seattle Showbox

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Guitar maestro Yngwie Malmsteen made a stop at the Showbox in Seattle during his World of Fire Tour. Accompanied by Nick Marino (keyboards / vocals), Ralph Ciavolino (bass / vocals) and Mark Ellis (drums), Malmsteen proceeded to put on a musical onslaught that clocked in a little over ninety minutes. Those who came out for the Thursday night show were not disappointed.

As one made their way into the venue, the site of a large array of Marshall amplifiers and cabinets lined the back of the stage. The lights dimmed, the smoke machines filled the venue, the intro music began pumping through the PA system.  The fans were shouting “Yngwie! Yngwie! Yngwie!” as the band made their way to their respective area on the left of the stage while tearing into “Rising Force”, Malmsteem was the last to come onto the stage. He was playing to the crowd, posing and constantly flinging guitar picks to whomever in the front row wanted one, twirling his guitar and tossing it off stage to his waiting guitar tech.

Malmsteen and company then launched into a medley comprised of “Spellbound / Into Valhalla / Baroque & Roll”, playing each selection flawlessly. “Soldier”, “Top Down, Foot Down” were played with equal perfection.

Malmsteen played many selections from his storied career, many familiar selections and some not so familiar. The one thing that everyone in attendance agreed upon was that they played each track perfectly and Malmsteen himself, played each note to each song to perfection.

“Adagio / Far Beyond the Sun”, “World On Fire”, “Now Your Ships Are Burned” as well as “Heaven Tonight” and “I’ll See The Light Tonight” had many in the audience head banging and playing their air guitar along with Malmsteen.

The show was a first for many in attendance, having only seen Malmsteen in music videos during MTV’s heyday. Some first timers were attending the show with their parents who may have caught Malmsteen a time or two previously.  Regardless to the number of times one has been to a Malmsteen show, the consensus is the same – an awesome show, excellent song selection and the only disappointment was the ending of the show.

Rising Force
Spellbound / Into Valhalla / Baroque & Roll
Top Down, Foot Down
Like an Angel (For April)
Badinerie (Johann Sebastian Bach cover)
Concerto #4
Adagio / Far Beyond the Sun
The Star-Spangled Banner (John Stafford Smith cover)
Seventh Sign
World on Fire
Now Your Ships Are Burned
Evil Eye
Trilogy Suite Op: 5
Guitar Solo
Drum Solo
Heaven Tonight

Acoustic Guitar Solo / Black Star
I’ll See the Light Tonight

We’d like to give a special thanks to Tracy Moody at Studio Seven for accommodating our last minute press request to cover this killer show. Thanks Tracy!

Review by Mike Baltierra

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