Album Review: Corroded “Defcon Zero”


As of late I’ve become pretty cynical going through new releases. There’s a lot of releases coming out that are not great, most are not terrible either, but there’s just nothing special or exciting about them to really get me excited enough to want to talk about them to you.  There are a few killer releases that are still heavy in my listening rotation from late 2016 to current that have truly wow’d me; Pretty MaidsKingmaker, Eclipse‘s Monumentum, Lordi‘s Monstereophonic and Warbringer‘s latest Woe to the Vanquished.  Like many other music fans, I’m exhausted with the over abundance of mediocre and just terrible releases too leaving me wishing that some bands would have just skipped their new release.  So it’s pretty rare these days that an album gets in my hands and once I get the chance to listen to it I actually say out loud, HELL YES! and keep saying it as each song passes and that I am truly surprised to hear. Well, that just happened to me this morning as I listened to the Swedish hardrock/metal band Corroded‘s new release Defcon Zero (April 14, 2017).

This is not Corroded‘s first album, but it is their first album under Despotz Records and their first new release in 5 years.  I for one am happy they are back with new music, the long break produced a killer new release!  Some of you may recognize this band from the song “Age of Rage” (the Battlefield Play4Free Theme, 2011).

If you are not familiar with Corroded just imagine a mix of Soundgarden, Pretty Maids, Alterbridge and the party energy of Airbourne with a hardrock kick in the face that just won’t stop…. This album is just that, everything that’s missing so often in today’s hardrock sound is flowing through every track on this album.  Their sound is aggressive while still keeping the melodic sound it.  It’s not an album full of songs that are sort of good, it’s full of great songs that make you want to be at one of their live shows. I don’t know how Corroded managed to capture this essence on their album, but I want more of this from them and from other artists that are making music!

So what’s great about this album? Pretty much everything!  From the very beginning…. kick ass tempo that will make you want to jump to your feet.  Don’t be fooled by the prelude into the opening track “Carry Me My Bones”, once you hit the 1:03 time mark in this track the entire song changes into very heavy dark rock sound that makes you realize it’s about to get very heavy.  At the 1:55 time mark I was screaming “HELL YES” and rocking out Corroded‘s latest release.  The vocals on this album fit the music exactly as one hopes for, but are most often let down by it in many albums today.  This 11 track album has 1 slow track, “Note to Me” that slows down with a vulnerable and haunting style song that will have you listening closely and reflecting on your own life as the lyrics hit home for so many of us in many places in our lives.  I’m not usually into the slower tunes, but this one really works and I found myself digging it a lot.  Then right after they jump right back into rocking you hard with “Burn it to the Ground”.

My personal favorites off this album are: “Vessels of Hate” the damn hooks in this song remind me of Lordi‘s “Hug You Hardcore” from their 2016 release of Monstereophonic and if you follow me at all, you know I love that damn album but that’s the only similarity to Lordi in this song the rest is all Corroded’s own unique sound, “Day of Judgement” that damn bass line in the opening of the song, YES!!, “Feel Fine” the damn hooks on that tune sucked me in straight away and then “Note to Me” which with it being the slow song really surprised me but it’s a damn fine song! Really though, I enjoyed this entire album and couldn’t find a bad song to complain about.

Guys and gals, this is one solid album that I think you need to add to your music collection.  If you are a fan of great hardrock music that has  gritty, raw, and even harmonizing vocals with beats that make you want to move, this is one for you.  All in all one hell of a fun album that I won’t grow tired of listening to anytime soon.  So get a copy of Defcon Zero by Corroded.   You will be glad you did. I’ve linked all the places you can get their music at the bottom of this post.

Corroded is:
Jens Westin – Lead vocals, Guitars
Tomas Andersson – Guitars
Bjarne Elvsgård – Bass
Per Soläng – Drums

Defcon Zero Track list:
Carry Me My Bones
Gun and a Bullet
Retract and Disconnect
Fall of a Nation
Vessels of Hate
Day of Judgement
A Note to Me
Burn it to the Ground
Feel Fine
Rust and Nail

We are out at Sweden Rock Festival next week and Corroded with be performing this year so we are planning to bring you more coverage on the band from Sweden!

Check out the official video for Corroded“Fall of a Nation” off of Defcon Zero


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