Interview with Tony Abreu of Windowpane

Interview by Mike Baltierra

Tony Abreu (L) and Glenn Cannon (R) of Windowpane performing at Studio Seven - Photo: Mike Baltierra
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Seattle’s very own Windowpane, made up of Glenn Cannon (guitar / vocals), Tony Abreu (guitar), Mark Harris (bass) and Sean Morrison (drums), will be playing Saturday June 3 at the Showbox.  I chat with Tony Abreu yesterday about the upcoming show, the state of the band, upcoming tours and the Seattle music scene.

YesterdazeNews (Michael Baltierra):   Windowpane makes its return this Saturday to the Showbox. What should the fans expect and will there be any surprises?

Tony Abreu: As you may have heard, this will be a bitter sweet show, as our bass player Mark Harris will be departing the band to spend more time with his young family. Mark and Glenn have been playing and jamming together since they were kids in high school, and they started Windowpane together. We plan on playing music off of all three of our albums, playing some of our favorite cover tunes and introducing some new music. Also, we will be introducing Mark’s replacement, our new bass player, Christon Casper, at this show – a passing of the torch. It’s going to be a great show and it looks as if it is going to be a sell-out.

There is a good solid line up for this show. How do you go about and decide who will be supporting you during your headlining shows?

We like to play with bands who we’re friends with, who are good musicians and work hard. Bands who we are fans of, who we like. We want bands who want to work for it, meaning, they need to put in the work, who can pull their weight, who would also be helping us with promoting the show and getting their friends and family out to a show. We fortunate that there are really good bands forging their own path here in Seattle.

What sets Windowpane apart from the rest of the bands here in Seattle?

Well, first and foremost we’re all friends, brothers if you will, and we have our own sort of crazy. We put all of our energy and everything we make back into the band. Each of us have our own energy mixed it that playing in this band is a release or an escape. Each of us have playing music since we were kids, that being in this band is our main way to express ourselves. For me, as an example, I express myself through my playing. My emotions, my feelings; it’s like my therapy. We also try to not follow any trends or what may be popular at the moment. We write songs that we would want to hear as fans of rock music. Of course, every bands says that LOL.

Mark Harris announced not long ago that he will be departing the band and Christon Casper will be his replacement. How did you decide on Casper?

It was fairly easy. Mark had been debating for a while, as whether he wanted to continue touring and trying to raise his family, or if was time to consider stepping down and getting a replacement. Initially, he thought he could pull it off, but as we book tour dates, it was pretty evident that it wasn’t something that would work for Mark. We have known Christon through various bands he has been in. We knew him from back when he started Riot in Rhythmwe took them under our wing, helping them with song selections and getting gigs. They had real raw talent and a great work ethic. We had them opening for us during the record release gig. Others may know of Christon from his time with another great band, Amadon, who have sadly disbanded.  Christon’s playing and attitude is very similar to Mark’s. Sure we had auditioned others, but it was pretty evident from the first time we jammed, that Christon was the one. He has been a fan out Windowpane for a long time. He knows our material very well. He came in prepared. Mark has been there to help with the transition, so we are really excited about things to come.

There is a show listed on Windowpane’s Facebook page that there is a show booked in Maryland in about six weeks. Does this mean you have some dates coming up that we may not be aware of?

Yeah man, we play a show on July 22nd out in Maryland, which is a kick off for a handful of east coast dates, which we’re really excited about. We are currently working on putting together a fall tour. Also, I don’t want jinx our plans, but we have our sights on the possibility of doing a tour of Europe early next year. We have a lot of interest in the band from some pretty well established bands over there who want to take us out on the road with them. We think we can do rather well over there.

Any plans for new material or recording a new album in the near future?

We have been writing a lot of new material. But, with Mark leaving, we had to put a few things on hold. But we have a lot of material ready to go, as well as the material we have already that spans our three albums…we need to get out there and, play to our fans, make new fans, expose people to material that they didn’t know we have or may have forgotten about. We need to get out there and see how things pan out.

Though it was about a year ago, playing Pain in the Grass must still be a fresh on your mind and must be a career highlight. What do you most about playing at Pain?

Pain was a lot of fun. Hearing our name on in the advertisements along with the other bands we were support on KISW brought a lot of recognition to the band. Plus, everyone was treated great! The people who loaded and unloaded our gear, the catering, the other bands, the great folks as KISW and the fans. Playing at such a large venue, it was unreal. One of the best things about Pain is that KISW typically selects a local band to start the show from the main stage. It was a great day, and a great show and it brings a lot of great memories.

The Seattle music scene is thriving and growing. Who do you see as standouts? What bands do you enjoy?

Man, there are so many good bands! Van Eps are stellar guys and a great band. Ten Miles Wide – so happy that they landed the opening slot at this year’s Pain. Devil Hunts Me Down – those guys can move. Woodshed, Wyatt Olney and the WreckageMach Society. Kiss the Gunner’s Daughter….just to name a few. It’s hard to only pick a few out of so many good and talented bands out there. Everyone doing their own unique thing and keeping the Seattle music scene alive and well.

Thanks for taking time to speak with us! Any parting words?

You’re welcome and thank you also! Go get tickets to the show before they sell out! See you Saturday!


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