Interview With Suffocation

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Earlier this week I got to sit down and talk with TerranceKevin and Eric of Suffocation.  The band is currently on tour with Morbid Angel, Revocation and Withered.  With over half of the tour done, it was nice to get to chat with the guys.  I also got to cover the show after the interview, check out the show review.  Onto the interview.

Interview with Suffocation:

Patrick Burt, YesterdazeNews: How has the tour been so far for you guys?

Kevin: It has been fantastic so far. I’ve gotten to do the vocals for the tour so it’s been a blast.

Terrance: For me, just because I am old and been here since the beginning it is basically just run of the mill work.  Work and death metal everyday which is something I love so it’s pretty great. So I would say it’s going well so far.  We’re having a good time Morbid Angel, Revocation and Withered.  These guys are all great.

Eric: I feel great this tour.  The shows are great! Real poppers.  Plus I won the Stanley Cup today in NHL 2017 today with the Pittsburgh Penguins (who also won the Stanley cup a couple days before).  It was awesome.

Has there been any stand out moments of the tour so far?

Terrance: Kevin’s Birthday!!

Kevin: (laughing) Yeah, I slept on the lawn outside the bus for about two hours just taking a power nap.  We were playing in Minneapolis and Derek (bassist of Suffocation) took the microphone and said “Hey it’s Kevin’s birthday! Let’s get him loaded”.  And they got me black out.  Them and the crew of Morbid Angel and everyone else partied with me the night before to celebrate my birthday in Chicago.  If anyone knows about the Chicago marlot,  The bartender pulled a prank on me and everyone in the bar was like “Oh hey take the shot it’s a local favorite! It’s a tradition”.  It was bad, so my idea was to get Terrance to take one with me and have everyone play along.

Terrance: It was fucking gross! I kept getting told “take it! It’s delicious!” it was so gross.  That was a dirty prank, I was headbanging on stage and burping up this drink and it was disgusting.  It was pretty funny though.  I’m sticking with Jack Daniels and Jameson.

So you guys have a new album out called “Of The Dark Light” what is your favorite song off the album?

Kevin: Oh man.  I remember hearing it the first time and knowing at first that it was “Your Last Breath” just because the whole thing is straight ignorant.  I listen to old hardcore stuff as well so I like the basic build up of fast, fast, fast, fast and then drop it down.  And that is the whole second half of that song. “Your Last Breath” is just a chugging song.

Terrance: Mine is song number five “The Violation”. Just because it is fast and it is relentless and it is everything that I like.  Granted I do really like the heavy stuff but, this one is just so aggressive and I like that a lot.

Eric: I would say probably “The Violation” or I guess “Your Last Breath” because it is ripping and it is fast. It’s really fun to play.  The violation though is fun to play.  We constantly jam that one.

I was driving home from work and heard the title track for the song and I didn’t realize there was a big bass drop coming so I turned it up because I was digging it and then out of nowhere my speakers hit hard and I actually said out loud “What the hell?!”.  I had to look around real quick to make sure I didn’t hit something.

Kevin: Nice! just send us a receipt for the damage (everyone laughing).

Terrance: Yeah we’ll tell the mix master thanks for mixing this too hot for someone’s speakers or sub woofer.

What is your favorite song from any of your albums to play live?

Terrance: Oh man I want to hear these guys answer that one. But for me I don’t know if there really is one that is my favorite.  I have so many songs that I know it is really hard to just narrow it down to a single song.  I will say thought out of any of my favorite records to play it’d probably say I like to play anything off of “Pierced From Within”. So I guess you could really say “Pierced From Within” is my favorite to play live.

Kevin: Mine is Liege Of Inveracity.  I announce it every night right before we play it. I will say though “Funeral Inception” has been creeping up there to take the favorite spot recently.

Eric: I’d say “Catatonia” is my favorite to play live.  I really like it because it is heavy and brutal. And it has the fast parts with it too! Gets a good stomp going.

Thank you for your time Terrance, Kevin and Eric!!

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