Sweden Rock Festival Interview with Corroded

Just before heading over to Sweden Rock Festival the new Corroded album Defcon Zero came my way and completely blew my mind with how great it is.  I had to throw out a review on it to get people talking and let them know there’s a great new album to check out.  Check out that review here.

So when I learned these guys were also performing at Sweden Rock I had to sit down and talk to them.  What a great conversation it was!  They performed last Saturday afternoon and the 4 Sound Stage crowd was HUGE!  I can’t recall seeing a crowd that big around that stage before.  What a great performance!!  I hope the guys get picked up for a major North American tour because this is a band you have to see!!  Check out the interview below and show photos that follow.  Cheers!


Show photos…. full set here.  Sweden Rock album here.

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Check out their new lyric video for their single “Carry Me My Bones”

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