Album Review: The End of Grace “Infinite Shadows Of Memories”

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The End Of Grace (T.E.O.G.)
Infinite Shadows Of Memories
From: Gothenburg, Sweden
Genre: Metal/Bluescore
Label: Ilumnirec
Released: May 10, 2017

Meet The End of Grace. These guys have gone through some changes recently in their lineup and sound that has led them to a new album with an evolved sound that’s heavier and more aggressive. Infinite Shadows Of Memories is a 9 track release that’s got a very original sound with undertones of musical influences that can be recognized from time to time throughout the album. It’s experimental, it’s progressive and it’s really good.

The band describes their sound the best:  “The sound can best be described as a rich blend of metalcore, blues, dubstep, hard rock and straight up metal. The band wanted the contrast, textures and extremes between the light and the dark and definitely have achieved that on “Infinite Shadow” “

1. Life on the Line (Again)
2. Infinite Shadows Of Memories
3. Run for the Sun
4. Breathe
5. Eventuality
6. Thought In Patterns
7. Ride the Dark
8. Fate to Destiny
9. Perceptions

Life on the Line (Again) – The album kicks off with an awesome grinding instrumental lead in with a fast tempo that is joined by clean and screaming vocals. Then slows down very much in an In Flames way with waning tragic vocals, then throughout the song there is a repeated mix of slow to fast tempos. I can imagine this song at a live show, this would be one having the crowd moving! Great lead into the album.

Infinite Shadows Of Memories – Is a mixture of an underlying techno metal sound like a little Nine Inch Nails blended with delicate balance of Swedish metal. This song is a bit slow compared to the opening song and a bit more experimental in sound, almost taking a prog metal direction.

Run for the Sun – Starts out straight into a blend of up tempo instrumentals then leads into dark growling  vocals with crazy gutturals, that blend right into clean vocals. Your ears will be going manic during this song hearing how it changes directions all through it, clean, gutturals, screams…. This pleased my inner most angst with drawn out clean lyrics…. “I’m drowning inside you, I’m drowning inside.” Then dark gutturals of “STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING”….. Man what a great song.

Breathe – Starts out with a softer alternative sound, clean vocals, softer tempo… then rips into screaming vocals and heavy tempo, then goes back and forth between that light and heavy tempo through out. Definitely more progressive.

Eventuality – Very heavy in guttural screaming vocals, with and overlay of clean vocals on top of the heavy instrumentals. Abstracting in an interesting and entertaining style. This is the heaviest in the gutturals so far on the album. If you are a big fan of the gutturals, you will really dig this song, but may be a bit confused with the blend, give it a chance and listen twice if you weren’t convinced about the song the first time.

Thought In Patterns – This one took me by surprise as it reminded me of Seattle’s early grunge days with a twist of heavy aggressiveness in the sound while holding the undertone of grunge. Interesting song, enjoyed this one quite a bit!

Ride the Dark – Heavy, dark, aggressive… then a calm slow down that switches back and forth between aggressive and calm.

Fate to Destiny – Heavy, dark, angry and aggressive. Slower grind in the music, blended between clean and guttural vocals.

Perceptions – Another in a line heavy, dark and aggressive… with a calm slow down that switches back and forth between aggressive and calm.

My opinion is: Buy this album. It’s different, fresh, aggressive, dark and full of music written to keep the listener interested and intrigued.  It’s a very genuine album.

The End Of Grace is:
Kriss Panic – Vocals
Jimmy Bergman – Guitar
Adde Larsson – Drums
Glen Gilbert – Vocals and Guitar
Nick Eklöf – Bass and Machines

You can do a full stream of the album via The End of Grace’s YouTube channel. I have linked it below.

You can grab Infinite Shadows Of Memories here: Amazon / Deezer / iTunes / Spotify


About The End Of Grace:

Similar Sounding Artists: As I Lay Dying, Sevendust, Alter Bridge, Lamb Of God

The End Of Grace – is a metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. They are back with a new album featuring already popular songs “Thought in Patterns” and “Life on the Line”. Valkerian music summed it up best, from their review of the album “This record is a roller coaster of emotions and shows TEoG pushing the proverbial envelope with their music. Hell, a whole stack of envelopes! It’s not even clear what it should be called anymore …” The band have managed to blend Glen Gilberts (Hide The Knives), blues, grunge, rock vocals, with Kriss Panic more harsher tones into a wonderfully melodic metal album, which the band best describes as“Blues-Core”

“Infinite Shadows Of Memories” was released May 10th through Ilumnirec and the Ilumnirec Studio.


With over 700,000 plays on Spotify as an independent band, which in these days of the music scene, is quite unique. Sweden’s up and coming melodic bluescore act The End Of Grace is sure to stand out, mixing Kriss Panic’s brutal Deathcore vocals, with pop heavy choruses, and taking the Swedish Metal scene by storm. Winning new fans wherever they play, they have the magical ability to appeal to everyone with their energetic live shows!

The End Of Grace has gone through some transformations, and have now landed with fresh, new blood, the band have established themselves in Sweden in an over bloated metal scene and have made a name for themselves with the energetic and honest performance, winning them friends wherever they play. They are back with the new Album “Infinite Shadow Of Memories” were the guys have been testing new material and new ways for a while and have been developing their sound because they felt something was missing. When an old friend of the band (Glen Gilbert, Hide the Knives) came into help, he fell in love with the new sound which quickly developed into the Album“Infinite Shadow of Memories”.

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