Album Review: Warner Drive “Till the Wheels Come Off”

Warner Drive
Album: Till the Wheels Come Off
Label: Dead End Exit Records
Genre: Rock, Punk
Release Date: July 28, 2017

I had a chance meeting with Warner Drive in 2016 in of all places, Sweden. Me, I traveled from Seattle, the band… they came from Los Angeles, never had our paths crossed before this but in Sweden all things become possible if music is involved. At Sweden Rock Festival 2016, Warner Drive was one of the fan voted competition winners and won a spot to perform at the festival. As luck would have it our paths crossed near the media tent, they were promoting their music and handing out cd’s and I was naturally checking out who all was around. I still recall the fun moment when they said, hey we are here from LA and I said to them I’m in town from Seattle, HA! How had we never come across each other before this point? Still unknown, but what a moment that was meant to be. I discovered a great band, they were signed by their label Roasting House/Dead End Exit at Sweden Rock Festival.

Fast forward to today and Warner Drive is sitting on the evening of their new release, “Till the Wheels Come Off” which releases July 28, 2017. This is the 4th album for the band since 2006 and I just got done taking the new cd for a spin and it’s a winner, a must buy.

From the beginning track “My Devotion” to the last track “You Make Me Smile”, this album is great. It’s more polished than the last release but still very much a Warner Drive album. If you’ve never heard of this band before my best way to describe them is rock music that edges into punk, without the hardcore punk punch and maybe, just a little dip into hipsterville but not overboard. They aren’t screaming, they are singing. Honestly though, the hipster thing.. that could be a side effect from spending so much time in Sweden (Especially Lund, calm down, calm down… anyone who’s spent anytime there knows this to be true LOL). You can sing along with their music, it’s catchy, lovable and singable. Some songs have fun lyrics whilst a few others have a little more angst in them, but even in the angst they still make the tunes lovable.

In this album they included the fun tune “Anthem Of The Douche” that was released in 2016. This song pokes fun at typical “Amercian douchbag”, we all know at least one, sadly many know more. This band does not take themselves too seriously in their music, they like having fun and it really comes through in their music. This carefree feel carries through their album with lyrics like.. “You’re dropdead gorgeous, I just want you to drop dead” and “Karma’s a bitch and so are you”.

Under all the fun, angry, dark, honest lyrics Warner Drive does an amazing job writing the music, the instrumentals are great. They manage to pull in a unique vibe to their instrumentals that blends so well with their vocals that it makes you feel like you could be sitting at one of their shows while listening to the album. Having seen them live, I caught that instant feeling off of “Till the Wheels Come Off”.

If you are looking for a new rock album that’s not metal, that’s not classic, but is more modern but with the fundamentals of the great things that rock music is and should be, this is the album to pick up. Warner Drive has another great release with “Till the Wheels Come Off”, so make sure to grab a copy and head over to Warner Drive‘s socials (we’ve linked then at the bottom) and give them a like and follow along on their journey. They’ve really just begun the next chapter and it’s looking to be great!

Till the Wheels Come Off Tracklist:
01. My Devotion
02. Don’t Give Up
03. Drop Dead Gorgeous
04. The Darkness
05. Karma’s A Bitch
06. Too Late For Sorry
07. LA Psycho Chic
08. Never Gonna Win
09. Anthem Of The Douche
10. You Make Me Smile

Check out the first single from “Till the Wheels Come Off”:

Karma’a A Bitch (released June 9, 2017)

Anthem of the Douche (released 2016)

Warner Drive is:
Jonny Law – Lead Vocals
Candice Levinson – Guitar
Ryan Harris – Guitar
Jonny Udell – Drums
Sonny Remlinger – Bass

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