Australian Pop-Rocker Cassidy Paris Releases Debut Video for Single “Talk About It”

Cassidy Paris just released her debut video for her single “Talk About It”.  This young aspiring artist, just 14 years old, from Melbourne, Australia comes from a musical family and has great support from her father, Steve Janevski (The Radio Sun, Black Majesty).  It’s easy to see how she’s found her interest in music, growing up surrounded by it.  But don’t think she’s riding on her dad’s name, she’s clearly talented and setting out to do her own thing.  With the talent she’s showing today, I can’t wait to see how she evolves as her career grows.

“Talk About It” can be considered a little more of the pop/rock genre.  Whilst many teens will love her music, her sound is not just for the teens.  “Talk About It” is a catchy and singable song.  Check out Cassidy Paris in her debut video below.

“Talk About It” is available now through iTunes, Amazon Music, Apple Music and many other places you can buy music.

*Cassidy Paris – Talk About It – produced by Paul Laine. (Girl Power Music).
*Video by TB Photography & Videography.

Follow Cassidy Paris on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube at: cassidyparisofficial

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