Song Review: Blindwish “Single Word”


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Just had this killer little tune hit me smack in the face with a dose of HELL YES, TEXAS!  The band Blindwish hails from the Dallas, Texas region and is set to release their debut album Good Excuses on September 1st via Rise Records.  Man, these guys have got an incredible sound that is refreshingly blended with bits and pieces of many of the bands I have enjoyed over the years.  A bit alternative meets hard rock that’s perfectly mixed.

If you’re a fan of bands like I Prevail, Pierce the VeilAll American Rejects, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, A Day to Remember and bands along those lines, you need to take a listen to Blindwish.   I think you will easily find a new band to add to your favorites and most likely you will be seeing these guys out on an amazing tour soon!  I am certain this will not be the last you hear about Blindwish so do yourself a favor and check out them out below!

Let me back up for just a moment here before I head into the “Single Word” review and take you back to last month. Blindwish‘s first teaser single came out on July 14th with “After Midnight” and has a mix of melodic vocals that balance really well between alternative and heavy rock sound.  Let me share that single with you below before we move onto “Single Word”, you will thank me! Check out “After Midnight” below:

So onto the second single, could it have been that the first single release “After Midnight” was just a lucky try?  After hearing “Single Word” I am clear on one thing, this band did not just get lucky! They are full of writing talent.  My first full listen through this new single had me completely pulled into their music and I had to immediately replay “Single Word” because I had to hear it again.  I’ve now listened to it an obscene number of times because it’s really that good.  It starts out with a slower tempo that feels angry and full of aggression then let’s loose into a glorious heavy riff and wailing vocals to match. The song just keeps giving that feel through out.  Fans will have plenty of time to bang their heads through out this song and as listening to this one I can easily imagine a full audience jumping up and down and people crowd surfing over the barriers in large numbers.  This is just a fantastic song.  Music fans, this one is for you!  Check out “Single Word” below.  You can pick up the full album Good Excuses on September 1st.


Blindwish is:
Vocals – Zackary David
Guitar – Billy Barber
Guitar – Dakota Dufloth
Bass – Kendrick Nicholson
Drums – Garrett Grothe

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