Slayer Brings Lamb Of God and Behemoth To Seattle For A Hellish Good Time

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Saturday was set to be a busy day in Seattle.  Early in the afternoon the Seattle Sounders played a match,  Edgar Martinez was being honored at the Seattle Mariners game but most importantly Slayer was in town to raise some hell with Lamb Of God and Behemoth.  With a long line already formed for the show, a couple of religious protesters were out telling the crowd about the damnation they were getting themselves into by going to the show.  This did nothing but rile up the crowd and get them more excited for the performances to come.  If you have never been to a show where any of these bands are playing it may seem a bit odd for protesting to happen, but for many of the other concert goers this was nothing new and was somewhat entertaining.

First up for the evening was blackened death metal masters Behemoth.  Before the band even came on, the audience was chanting Behemoth, Behemoth for a solid minute.  The lights went out and all you could see on the stage is a couple of fire balls.  Guitarist and vocalist Adam “Nergal” Darski was holding them up high as he turns around and bowed down with them still in hand welcoming everyone to the show.  The band opened up with their hit song “Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer” off of their critically acclaimed record The Satanist.  The 35 minute set truly showcased why Behemoth is one of the most influential and important extreme metal bands of all time.  If you have not seen this band live you are truly missing out on an experience of a lifetime.  You can’t help but be captivated by the power of this band.  If they announce a show anywhere near you make sure to be there.

The second band of the evening was West Virginia’s Lamb Of God. With the crowd already worked up from the first performance, Lamb Of God came out to a crowd that was ready to destroy anything in their path.  LED screens were set up across the stage showing a clock face before the band came out.  As soon as the lights faded the audience let out a ferocious roar and started chanting Lamb Of God, Lamb Of God” as loud as they could.  The band walked out on stage and immediately ripped into playing hit song “Laid To Rest” off of their hit album Ashes Of The Wake.  This sent the audience into a frenzy as security spread out across the security barrier to catch the growing number of crowd surfers.  One by one audience members came up and over the barrier while a huge mosh pit engulfed the floor.  The 50 minute set was filled with hit after hit of relentless metal.  Vocalist Randy Blythe called for an old school circle pit that made everyone move as the band ended their performance with their smash hit “Redneck”.  Lamb Of God consistently has one of the best and most chaotic shows of any band.  The energy that the band displays on stage is matched by the audience which always makes for a fun time for everyone.  These guys are a band you never want to miss live.

Finally the moment the crowd had all been waiting for.  The one, the only, Slayer was about to perform.  With a giant white sheet covering the stage from top to bottom and side to side the audience was anxiously waiting for the band to come out.  The entire venue turned into a constant chant of people screaming Slayer, Slayer, Slayer which turned into unanimous cheering as the lights went out.  As an intro track started playing, projectors behind the curtain started showing images of upside down crosses and pentagrams as well as the bands logo.  The band opened up their set with their song “Repentless” off of their album with the same name.  Immediately after that they went into playing “The Antichrist” and “Disciple”.  The hour and 45 minute set was filled with fan favorites spanning their entire catalog.  The audience was as crazy as the music that was being performed for them.  With constant crowd surfers going up and over the barrier and huge mosh pits the set came to a close with their classic hit song “Angel Of Death” off of their 1986 thrash metal masterpiece Reign In Blood.  The thrash metal veterans showed why they are still one of the top bands in the music industry with their performance.  Slayer is a band that you will want to make sure to see in your lifetime.  Their on stage performance will never disappoint you.

Slayer Setlist:
Delusions Of Savior (intro track)
The Antichrist
Hate Worldwide
War Ensemble
When The Stillness Comes
You Against You
Mandatory Suicide
Hallowed Point
Dead Skin Mask
Born Of Fire
Cast The First Stone
Seasons In The Abyss
Hell Awaits
South Of Heaven
Raining Blood
Chemical Warfare
Angel Of Death


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