Clutch Performs New Songs From Upcoming Album at Seattle Concert

New Album Planned for 2018

Clutch - 'Book of Bad Decisions'
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Back in June I had a chance to sit down and chat with JP after Clutch performed at Sweden Rock Festival. We talked touring, life as a member of Clutch and what’s in the works for the band the rest of this year. The guys are wrapping up their 2017 tour season and are currently out on the road with Primus with just a few shows left.

I didn’t have a ton of time at Sweden Rock Festival to really check out the Clutch show so I was thrilled when Clutch announced they would be touring the USA with Primus after the festival circuit.

Last night Clutch and Primus finally made their way to my home town of Seattle for an outdoor show held and Marymoor Park Concerts in Redmond, just a few miles east of Seattle. Being that I barely caught much of their set in Sweden, of course I had to check out the show here!  It was a perfect evening for an outdoor show, oddly enough it reminded me of the vibe at the festival I had just seen them at a couple months ago but on a much smaller scale.  Marymoor Park‘s venue is quite intimate and there’s really not a bad spot in the venue for fans wanting to see the stage.

JP stepped out onto the stage a few minutes before the rest of the band and the fans started cheering with anticipation.  One by one the rest of the band appeared and Clutch kicked off their set promptly at 6:45pm (this venue has an early curfew, so the show required an early start).  Neil Fallon didn’t wait to break out with his signature arm and energetic, erratic body gestures.  He was ready to lay into the crowd as soon as the music started.  In between songs an excited fan was heard asking Neil, “How’s it going?” and Neil quickly repeated back the fans question in a playful tone and saying, “Fine” then mentioning later in the show, “Maybe all the beers last night weren’t such a good idea with an early show”.

Being able to really immerse myself in the show last night quickly reminded me why I enjoy Clutch and why people need to see them live. Their shows are full of energy, the music sounds great and the fans all around are there just to have a good time.  The energy from the crowd was positive and relaxed.  The band played a sizable setlist in their roughly one hour set.   If you’ve followed our site for a while, you most likely saw the interview with JP, if not check it out here.  In it he mentioned they were working on new music.  Well I am happy to tell you that they played some of the new songs that are slated to hit the new album that’s planned for next year.   The new songs were great and the fans all around enjoyed them.  The new album sounds like it’s going to be one you will want to pick up when it comes out.  I know I will be waiting for it release and of course, we will bring you news on the new release when we get the information on it.

Clutch put on one hell of a show.  It was a really great night out with Clutch and the fans had a blast.  If you’ve never seen a Clutch concert live before, you need to make a point to do it at least once, if not repeatedly. Check out photos from the Clutch show below.  We will have a review of the Primus show coming up in a separate article.

Clutch is:
Neil Fallon: Vocals/ Guitar
Jean-Paul Gaster: Drums
Dan Maines: Bass
Tim Sult: Guitar

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