Album Review: Lindsay Ell “The Project”

Lindsay Ell
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Lindsay Ell
Album: The Project
Label: Stoney Creek Records
Release Date: August 11, 2017
Genre: Country-Pop

On August 11th, Lindsay Ell released her album The Project.  This fourteen track album is an album full of music that Lindsay wanted to make, her own sound, her own work and holding nothing back.  I had the chance to check out a live Lindsay Ell show this summer.  She’s such a fun entertainer and has such a warm connection with her fans. After hearing a few of the songs on her album live and was really excited to hear the full album had been released.

I gave the full album a spin last night and I can honestly say I really enjoyed this album.  The Project is not classic county, it’s contemporary country-pop with a splash of blues throughout.  The lyrics are at times fun and whimsical and at other times they are deep, raw and emotional.  I feel this album is an honest reflection of who  Linsday Ell is as an artist.  She wrote lyrics that many listeners will recognize as parts of their own lives.  You can hear the passion and fun then the pain and vulnerability as the words flow through each of her songs.

I saw mention in another review of her album that she could be the next Shania Twain or Bonnie Riatt.  I immediately thought, why does she need to be the next … (insert your own favorite big artist name here)?  Lindsay Ell is the one and only Lindsay Ell.  She’s got her own sound and her own style. She need not try to be the next anyone, she is already standing out on her own.

So what’s to love about this new album?  Pretty much everything.  This is well written and musically stretches in so many genuine and unique directions that it has renewed my faith in the latest round of country music artists and the new music coming out today.  Whilst I am frequently making fun of my northern neighbors in Canada, being I live so close to the border, innocent jabs between friends, there is no room for joking about this Canadian artist or her music.  Lindsay is the real deal.  She’s been studying music since she was just 6 years old and has had many years of study, development, performance and practice.  She’s studied country, jazz and blues which are all reflective throughout The Project.

From the first track “Waiting on You” you immediately feel the blues in her style.  That switches up to a very contemporary sound in “Champagne” but as you move into “Castle” you are thrust into this really cool upbeat song that has blues riffs through out and matched with these cool vocals that are very country-pop.  She stays upbeat and contemporary through “Good” then as the album transitions into “Wildfire”  it slows down at the beginning but picks right back up and into and through “Mint”.

You get a slow tune once you get to “White Noise” that comes with a more noticeable country feel to the song.   Lindsay Ell flexes her vocal range in this song as well.  It’s a good sing along song in a line with many of the others on this album.  “Criminal” sticks with the slower tempo but has a clear lift around the chorus that slips back once out of the chorus.

The last few tracks of the album go back and forth between tempo. The slower two are “Space” and “Worth the Wait”.  “Space” tells a slow story of a raw and painful end of relationship where she’s left feeling helpless and will easily be a song many will turn to when down and out about a relationship. The album ends with another slow, vulnerable song about needing for someone to return your love. Depending on where you are in your own life, “Worth the Wait” will either be a song that anyone who’s been on the path of love will empathize with the struggles or say, I remember what that was like.

This album is beautifully done.  If you’re not a big fan of contemporary country-pop, give Linsay Ell’s “The Project” a try.  I think she might just change your mind.  For those of you who already enjoy this style, jget the album because you will enjoy it.

01. Waiting on You
02. Champagne
03. Castle
04. Good
05. Wildfire
06. Mint
07. White Noise
08. Criminal
09. Just Another Girl
10. Space
11. Always Kiss the Girl
12. Worth the Wait

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