Album Review: Ektomorf “Warpath (Live and Life On The Road)”

Out Today, August 25, 2017

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Album: Warpath (Live and Life On The Road)
Label: AFM Records
Release Date: August 25, 2017
Genre: Metal – Neo Thrash

Hungarian neo thrash masters Ektomorf released their new DVD + live audio CD Warpath (Live and Life On The Road) today, August 25th, 2017. Warpath (Live and Life On The Road) includes the band’s entire gig from Wacken Open Air 2016 on DVD and CD. The DVD includes an on the road look and life on tour, it’s just over 60 minutes long, and as the band puts it “brutally honest and heavily entertaining behind-the-scenes documentary of Ektomorf’s tour life.”

I had the chance to see Ektomorf last November while I was overseas covering one of their tour mates, the American thrash band Hemlock, on their European tour. The show was at a small dive bar in southern Germany that was so small I don’t think it even fit 100 people, truthfully. I thought I knew what to expect on this live album, but a few huge differences were clear, the sound was amazing, afterall it was recorded live at Wacken Open Air, I think they have a little better sound there, haha! The other difference was the vibe that came through the live recording. It was so intense and you could hear the tens of thousands of fans cheering throughout, clearly the difference of doing a massive metal festival versus a small intimate dive bar show.

The audio CD gives listeners a true expectation of what fans get at a live Ektomorf show, although unless at a massive festival, it won’t be quit as intense nor will the sound ever sound so good unless the venue happens to have a great front of house engineer that’s great with the sound. Not only is it the music on the CD, it’s the band’s attitude you get when they are speaking to the audience. Even if you were not at the live gig, you can turn this one up loud as hell and feel like you were.

This is a great live album for Ektomorf and for the fans. I am really glad they decided to release this one. Pick it up today everywhere you get music. Remember, it comes with the live DVD of their performance at Wacken Open Air, we only reviewed the audio CD.

Audio Tracklisting:
01. Aggressor
02. Move On
03. Ambush In The Night
04. Holocaust
05. Black Flag
06. Evil by Nature
07. United Nations
08. Leech
09. Fuck You All
10. I Know Them
11. Outcast

About Ektomorf:
EKTOMORF is a was founded in 1993 in Mezökovacsháza, Hungary, a small city near the Romanian border, by Zoltán “Zoli” Farkas. In the actual line-up Zoli – songwriter and mastermind of the band – is the only remaining founding member. The band is completed by Tomi Schrottner (guitar), Szabolcs Murvai (bass) and Robert Jaksa (drums).

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