Summer Slaughter Gets Wild In Seattle

Dying Fetus
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The Summer Slaughter Tour made it’s way through Seattle a couple weeks ago and it sure didn’t disappoint.  For the second year in a row American Satan sponsored the event.  American Satan is a movie that is coming out later this year.  This year’s line up had a lot of deathcore influence is comparison to last year.  The treat for this tour was that The Black Dahlia Murder was playing their hit album “Nocturnal” in full.  Below is a list of the bands that were playing at the Seattle date.  The review will be in a bit less detail than usual.  During the Dying Fetus set I wound up having a seizure and literally cracking my head open after hitting the ground when I got shoved by another fan who thought I was part of the pit and not realizing I was actually seizing.  Then had another seizure after I came back from being knocked out.  Talk about a way to make an impression at a show!  Dying Fetus stopped their set to make sure I was able to get medical help.  Gotta give them lots of credit for watching out for their fans and keeping people safe!  I’m doing a bit better now but this isn’t about me, let’s get to some Death Metal!!!!!

Angel Maker was the headbanger chosen band to tour.  That band rips and is definitely worth a listen to check out. If you are a fan of hard breakdowns and heavy gutturals than this band is a must listen too.  Check them out when they play near you.

Betraying The Martyrs is a more melodic metalcore band from France.  These guys kind of had a more Born Of Osiris feel to them in my opinion.  They are a band to take a listen to and check out.

Lorna Shore is a deathcore band from New Jersey and do they know how to throw down.  Their newest album “Flesh Coffin” showcases some absolute bangers on it.  This band has been touring extensively all year and they are a must see when they come near you.

Rings Of Saturn brought a very technical death metal / deathcore sound to the show.  Having just released their newest album “Ultu Ulla” these guys will shred your faces off with the technical skill that album showcases.

Origin is a technical death metal band from Topeka, Kansas.  This band is relentless live and on album.  The energy that is showcased on all of their albums is brought forth to the stage as well.  The band just released their seventh studio album entitled “Unparalleled Universe”. Check them album out as soon as possible.  It will blow your mind.

Oceano is a deathcore band from Cook County, Illinois.  This band is known for it’s hard breakdowns and punishing guttural vocals.  The band’s lyrics bring out a dystopic style world that in some way is actually a reality.  They released their latest album “Revelation” earlier this May on Sumerian Records. It is well worth a listen too.

Dying Fetus is a legendary death metal band from Upper Marlboro, Maryland.  The band is known for their technically written hooks and brutal live shows.  The band is also well respected for their continuous hard work on their albums.  They recently released a new album entitled “Wrong One To Fuck With“.  It is the follow up to their  2012 release “Reign Supreme“.  Both albums are masterpiece works.  If you wind up asking yourself if they can really play those songs live go see them and be amazed by their skill and performance.  Check them out whenever they are playing a city near you.

The headliners for the tour were The Black Dahlia Murder.  The death metal maniacs who hail from Waterford, Michigan have a ravage fan base who shows up in droves to their shows.  With the band playing their hit album “Nocturnal” the craziness of their shows was stepped up ten fold.  The band is releasing a new album in October entitled “Nightbringers”.  This is a band to check out live and on album.  The Black Dahlia Murder is touring in October/ November to support the new album.  Make sure to check them out.

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