Album Review: Binary Creed “A Battle Won”

Album Out Today

Binary Creed
Album: A Battle Won
Label: Rockshots Records
Genre: Progressive Metal
Release Date: September 8, 2017

Binary Creed‘s album A Battle Won released today.

This new album is a decent effort by Binary Creed.  The instrumental side of the album is well written, well performed and holds a lot of really great musical elements. Having said that, I wish I could say the same about the vocals on the album. I had a lot of trouble getting into the album during the first two songs.  The vocals did not match the music on a number of the tracks.  It reminded me of the band Rush. You either love Rush or you hate them and many times that’s attributed to Getty Lee’s vocal style (personally I dig Rush).  There’s no real divide or middle ground. I have the same mixed feelings with the vocals on this album and the first two songs almost put me off to the rest of the album.

During the first two songs the vocalist sang in an awkward octave that just didn’t fit with the music.  It was so distracting and it carried through to the second track.  Instead of just turning the album off, which was my first instinct, I skipped onto the third track “In A Time To Come”.  In this song the vocalist changes his octave to a lower octave that gave him a deeper tone that really worked well. He also alternated between this lower octave to a higher octave above the one he used in the first two tracks and he sounded great.  I wish the album would have kicked off with these vocals because I think many listeners will not give the album a real chance based on the first two tracks alone. Which I think would be a mistake.

When the other members of the band join in on back up vocals they are very harmonizing in those vocals work as well. What I wish this album would have had throughout, would be the lower and upper octave vocals instead of the the off octave that was used.

There are also a few musical arrangements on this album that don’t blend well and the sound of it is not pleasing to the ears.  Although I get what they were trying to do, for me personally, “Servants”, “Lurking In The Shadows” and “These Hands” didn’t work.  The lack of interest in these three particular songs is due to the vocals that didn’t match the music and on “These Hands” instrumental arrangements that were confusing and very abstract.  Had they been done in either the lower or higher octave vocal range they may have worked.  If you pull these three songs out, I think it’s a really good album.

70% of the album is really enjoyable with great music and vocals.  The other 30% is easy to bypass and still enjoy the album.  I would still recommend this new album with the caution that you may not enjoy it all, but what you will us worth checking it out.

Track Listing:
1. Servants (5:04)
2. Lurking In The Shadows (4:42)
3. In A Time To Come (4:13)
4. The Fallen King (4:43)
5. The Ones To Bleed (4:34)
6. Safer Than Now (4:14)
7. A Better Man (4:11)
8. Black Storm (3:12)
9. These Hands (4:30)
10. Journey Without End (4:24)
Album Length: 43:52

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