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Dustin Lynch
Album: Current Mood
Label: Broken Bow Records
Genre: Country
Release Date: September 8, 2017

Today Dustin Lynch released his 3rd album called Current Mood. The 13 track album is not an album about finding that passionate life long love, it’s about being young and living in the moment. It is an album filled with songs about attraction, sexual conquests that are filled with steamy passion, and partying.

This is not a play it safe album, it is one that he’s really stretched his musical creativity with.  It is a very contemporary country-pop album.  Do not expect traditional country in this new album, although it does periodically drop into a few songs, but only in a small way.

There are a few songs on the album that are not driven strictly by the sexual undertones “Love Me or Leave Me Alone” and “New Girl” take a different tone and also slow down the album a bit. “Love Me or Leave Me Alone” is also the only duet on this album. Dustin Lynch shares this song with Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town. This song is as close to traditional country that you will find on this album, it even has the twang of the steel guitar in it. The rest of the album is pretty much contemporary country-pop. Some songs that are also a bit more forward and sexually driven on the album are “Seeing Red”, “Back On It” and “Here We Come”.

Dustin Lynch worked with numerous writers and producers to create Current Mood. It’s his most edgy and experimental album yet. While some are saying they are confused by this new album and the direction that it takes. I get what he’s doing with this new album and I also get how he’s trying to show the different creative side he has. There are times on the album I can agree it’s close to a little too far for country music, but I don’t think he took it over the edge.

Fans have been receptive to his new material during his live shows while he’s been on tour this summer. That is a great sign as to how open they will be the new album in it’s entirety.

I say grab the new album, embrace it’s sexiness and give Dustin the opportunity to explore his creativity.

Track Listing:
1. I’d Be Jealous Too
2. Seein’ Red
3. Small Town Boy
4. Why We Call Each Other
5. Here We Come
6. Love Me or Leave Me Alone (Duet with Karen Fairchild)
7. Back on It
8. I Wish You Were Beer
9. State Lines
10. Party Song
11. New Girl
12. Why Not Tonight
13. Sun Don’t Go Down on That

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