Album Review: Glass Mind “Dodecaedro”

Album Released in North America Today

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Glass Mind
Album: Dodecaedro
Label: Rockshots Records
Genre: Progressive Metal
Release Date: September 8, 2017

This album is an all instrumental project. It has all kinds of cool metal instrumentals that throw in a progressive fusion of jazz here and there. It catches you off guard in a good way. Their musical experimentation blends really well and is great effort from group. I’m not usually into albums that are all instrumental. However, this one I really enjoyed.

Throughout the first song you’ll find the diversity in their music that goes from metal to jazz to ethereal and back. This first track starts out with what you would expect a really cool metal song to sound like instrumentally and about the time you would expect the vocals to start the music just keeps going. You won’t be getting any vocals here, there is a little vocal moaning in the very last track of the album but nothing truly vocals.  Track one also gives some quick infusions of jazz and alternating metal styles.

Then with the second song it’s going to slow down a little bit and give you a little more more diversity of the work that they can do. You get moments that are almost tender like with the softer strike of the cymbals, it’s really soft but it is really cool. I think this album does a great job for musicians to showcase their abilities and versatility.  The album continues on alternating with great prog-metal throughout.

I think instrumental music lovers are going to love this album. It’s going to stretch their ideas of music and give the writers new ideas when writing their own new music. This album will provide listeners with different views than a traditional album.

Glass Mind does really great job of picking the right hooks and then throwing something completely abstract or complex into their sound. The bass lines range from edgy and sturdy to spacious and laid back, to very soft and subtle and then back to slapping you in the face. There are elements of great classical guitar playing throughout this album from jazz style, a little regional sound almost something you would expect in Mexico, then traditional metal guitars. I could have sworn I heard a xylophone “Detritus”. There are even pianos, keyboards, woodwind and indigenous intruments in this music periodically so the guys really stretched the stylings of what they wanted to incorporate into their progressive sound.

I think there’s a little bit of something for every music lover and this album. Unless of course you are a vocal fanatic who can’t listen without vocals, in that case there’s not hope for you and this album.

My recommendation is to pick up a copy of this album. It’s going to transform some of your ideas of how music today should be done or make you ask why is hasn’t been done in the past.

Track Listing:
1. Babel (6:14)
2. Caliente (1:40)
3. Fu (6:04)
4. Humedo (1:56)
5. Inside The Whale (8:25)
6. Frio (1:18)
7. Detritus (5:54)
8. Seco (1:49)
9. Dodecaedro (5:59)
Album Length: 39:23

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