L.A. up ‘n’ comers SILENT RIVAL have partnered with to premiere their video for “Die a Little,” which lives on their debut album The Kindness of Strangers, out now.

Watch the video here.

“No one plays Russian roulette because they want to die,” singer Sara Codatold about the song and video. “They play to make sure they’ve squeezed every last drop of experience out of life. This song is about spinning the proverbial barrel. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but that’s not what matters. To me, what matters most, is that I’ve felt everything there is to feel, lived fast, and left behind a corpse that tells the stories. This video hopefully conveys that feeling. We are really happy with it.”

The single has been making quite an impact, landing on KROQ “Locals Only” program, where it has parked itself in the Top 5 for nine weeks, with five of those weeks at #1!


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