Album Review: HEXX “Wrath Of The Reaper”

Out Today via High Roller Records

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Album: Wrath Of The Reaper
Label: High Roller Records
Genre: Power Metal
Release: 15 September 2017

When I saw this new album from San Francisco Bay area power metal group HEXX I was really hoping it would deliver a real power metal sound. I’ve been a long time listener to the power metal genre and I’ve heard many great albums over the years that have completely blown me away.

I wish I could say this album did, but it didn’t. What caused me to feel that Wrath of the Reaper failed to meet my expectations for a power metal album is that the album has an identity problem that is continuous throughout all of the tracks. It goes back and forth between power metal, metal and thrash throughout many of the songs, inside the same track. It’s confusing to listen to the musical arrangements and then throw the vocals into the mix and it’s even more confusing. There are many places you will notice drum beats that overpower and out tempo the guitars and bass.

There are some bands out there that have successfully blended the metal genres on their albums. For me this album didn’t deliver that.  I expected a better sound for a comeback album.  I gave this entire album a full listen and I did fully enjoy track 9 “Circle The Drain”, it was the most organized song on then album and didn’t seem to loose it’s identity.

While it’s not the worst album out there, I feel missed the mark for power metal and possibly different mixing it into full on thrash album would have produced a different result. Personally not my taste. But I always encourage music fans to give it a shot as music is subjective and while I may not care for a particular album it could be something you dig.

Eddy Vega – vocals
Dan Watson – guitars
Bob Wright – guitars
Mike Horn – bass
John Shafer – drums

01. Macabre Procession of Specters
02. Screaming Sacrifice
03. Slave in Hell
04. Swimming the Witch
05. Dark Void of Evil
06. Unraveled
07. Voices
08. Exhumed for the Reaping
09. Circle the Drain
10. Wrath of the Reaper
11. Certificate of Death (CD BONUS TRACK)

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