Album Review: The Contortionist “Clairvoyant”

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The Contortionist
Photo by Gobinder Jhitta
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The Contortionist
Album: Clairvoyant
Label: eOne Music / Good Fight Music
Genre: Prog Metal
Release: September 15, 2017

Seeing the name The Contortionist you should instantly guess the music you are about to hear is going to be stretched and transformed in many directions. That is exactly what this band does throughout the entire album Clairvoyant.

The progressive metal genre is about combining, exploring, experimenting, pushing the normal musical boundaries and bringing fusion in music. The Contortionist does this really well. Where many progressive metal bands play really heavy abstract music, this band has more of an ethereal and dreamy tone throughout their music. Where it is very abstract it’s also very cohesive. The vocals are toned down in a mellow yet melodic style that is pleasing and blends well with the music.

I almost want to describe their particular style of progressive metal as more of an indie progressive metal. Their sound doesn’t have that punch to it that you get from something like a Devon Townsend Project album which is also progressive metal. It’s like they’ve managed to find their own sub genre of progressive metal. Some of the musical aspects of their songs come out in a futuristic dream style whereas most progressive metal you find that is readily available is more abrupt, abstract and in abrasive contrasting styles of metal music.

Oddly I found myself really relaxed listening to this album. That’s not something I normally expect to feel when I’m listening to a progressive metal album but at the same time it was really cool.

This nine track album is a winner. For those of you out there who don’t tend to listen to progressive metal because you’re not into traditional metal music I would say try this one. It’s not the standard progressive metal you would expect and you may find you really enjoy this simply because it’s more passive than it is aggressive.

Band Members:
Robby Baca: Guitar
Michael Lessard: Vocals
Joey Baca: Percussion
Cameron Maynard: Guitar
Jordan Eberhardt: Bass Guitar
Eric Guenther: Keyboards

The Center
Return to Earth
Monochrome (Pensive)

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