Fat Mikes Punk In Drublic Beer and Music Festival Debuts In Tacoma

September 16, 2017 at the LeMay Auto Museum

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This past Saturday Fat Mike’s Punk in Drublic tour made its debut at the LeMay Auto Museum in Tacoma, Washington.  The lineup for the tour was stacked with great bands of the punk rock and ska genres.  The show itself was built around beer, great beer!  What a way to spend the day, great music and great beer. It was clearly a hit with long lines at will call and ticket sales as I arrived at the venue.

One of the beers that was featured at this even was the “Punk in DrublicHoppy Lager.  The beer was crafted by Stone Brewing with help from NOFX‘s own Fat Mike.  The overall response from the crowd was great.  That wasn’t the only beer available.  Many other microbrews came in to join the party as well.  Now, onto the music.

First up for the day was Hilltop Rats from Tacoma, Washington.  The punk band has a high energy performance that got really gets crowds moving.  If you get a chance to see them play at any point I highly recommend seeing them.  They put on a great performance.

Second for the day was Bad Cop Bad Cop.  The all female band puts on a fun and intense performance that pulls in a big audience.  The band recently played the Vans Warped Tour where they crushed all of their performances.  They are signed to Fat Mike’s record company Fat Wreck Chords and have an album due out sometime this year.

Following Bad Cop Bad Cop were the ska/punks in Goldfinger.  The band has a new line up following their latest album The Knife. The current line up is, John Feldmann,  Travis Barker,  Mike Herrera, and Philip Sneed.  Even with the new line up the band rocked it and put on a great performance.  The band didn’t miss a beat and pulled in a huge crowd that had a fun time dancing around and singing along to the bands hits.  The crowd went especially crazy when they played their song “Superman”.  Goldfinger is a band you do not want to miss live.

The next band up was ska band Less Than Jake.  As soon as the banner with the band’s name went up the audience screamed in excitement.  The sold out crowd was ready for these guys to hit the stage. Right as the set started the crowd opened up a large mosh pit and started helping send each other up and over the security barrier one by one for the entire set.  During their song “Good Enough” a giant mascot for the band came out and started teasing the audience members by bringing a bag on stage, reaching inside, pulling out nothing and flipping off the audience.  Following that mascot, a person dressed as Spider-Man came on stage and started spraying the audience with a super soaker.  The bands mascot, Spider-Man and crew started throwing out beach balls into the audience and shooting toilet paper from a dispenser all over the people up front.  The 40 minute set came to a close with their hit song “The Ghosts of Me and You”.  The bands energy and stage antics revved up the audience for the final two performances.  Less Than Jake is a band to see any time they come to your city.

Next on the lineup were punk legends Bad Religion.  With almost 40 years of rocking audiences I was really looking forward to seeing these guys live and they did not disappoint.  The band started off their hour-long set with their hit song “American Jesus”.  As soon as they started playing the mosh pit was raging and crowd surfers were barreling up and over the barrier the entire performance.  At one point during the set an audience member got passed security and did a huge stage dive back into the crowd.  A lot of the crowd said they were impressed that he made it that far.  The performance came to a close with their song “Fuck Armageddon… This Is Hell” off of the bands first album How Could Hell Be Any Worse?. Bad Religion puts on a must see show.  The band sounds great on album and even better live.  If they announce a show near you make sure to go. You will not be disappointed.

Finally, the moment the crowd had been waiting for, NOFX was about to take the stage.  With the skyline of Tacoma lit up behind the stage, the atmosphere for their set was very one of a kind.  When the bands logo was hung above the stage the audience lost it and started screaming.  One girl decided to crowd surf up and over the barrier out of excitement.  As soon as the lights went out and the music that was playing over the speakers stopped Fat Mike started dancing out onto the stage to the song “The Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  During their first song “Instrumental Intro” their were some technical difficulties with Arron “El Hefe” Abeyta‘s ear piece.  During the time it took to fix it Fat Mike just made jokes about what was happening and then decided to tell the crowd proudly that, “the festival ran out of beer! The crowd drank it all! Pretty impressive.”  Fat Mike then asked the crowd “who here is under 21?!” No one shouted and Fat Mike shouted out “Good! that means we can play this song!” and the band quickly broke into playing “Fuck Da Kids”.  The hour-long set was filled with a lot of jokes and audience participation as well as a couple of cover songs.  NOFX puts on a fantastic show that is more energetic than most bands out now.  If you have the chance to see this band live I suggest doing so.  Be forewarned though, buy tickets in advance because their shows tend to sell out.

Fat Mike’s Punk in Drublic is one hell of a festival.  From the selection of beers to the bands that play the festival.  It was a fantastic debut and truly a fun a crazy time.  With a small run of dates for the tour this time, I hope to see it expand and become an even bigger and well-known punk rock tour.  If you are able to make one of the other dates for this tour buy your tickets today.  These shows are selling out, and rightfully so.  This is a show you will not want to miss.

NOFX Setlist for Tacoma:
Instrumental Intro
Fuck Da Kids
Seeing Double At The Triple Rock
Six Years On Dope
Idiots Are Taking Over
Murder The Government
Eat The Meek
Straight Edge (Minor Threat cover)
Six Pack girls
Punk Guy
72 Hookers
Perfect Government (Mark Curry cover)
I Believe In Goddess
I Don’t Like Me Anymore
Franco Un-American
Stickin’ In My Eye
Leave It Alone
Kill All The White Man

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