Hank Williams JR Wraps Up Summer Tour at the Washington State Fair

September 16, 2017 in Puyallup, WA

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Hank Williams Jr. wrapped up his summer concert tour this past Saturday evening at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup, WA.  On tour with him was The Cadillac Three.  Being a fan of this living legend I knew what to expect for the evening, a rowdy country show.  That is exactly what both bands gave and what the fans returned!

The Cadillac Three were the first to take the stage for the night.  These 3 country fellas had the audience wrangled shortly after they started performing.  Their great country rock sound and their high energy was a complete crowd pleaser.  The band performed a set of about half an hour that was packed full of great music.  Catch these guys somewhere on tour!

Hank Williams Jr. took to the stage shortly after 8:00pm and the entire venue erupted with loud cheering and almost every fan was up on their feet. As if Hank Williams Jr. needed to let us know what a legend he is, he came out wearing a hat that said ICON and made his rounds across the stage waving at fans while smiling and taking the crowd cheers in. Nothing more and nothing less, his simple yet effective statement received loud and clear.  For me as a photographer, I enjoyed the statement he was making, we get 3 songs to shoot and those were the 3 songs he wore the hat in, well played sir!!

The night kicked off with great music and a really rowdy crowd. It didn’t stop after the first song either, it lasted throughout the entire show. As fan favorite songs came on one by one you could tell by the immediate response from the audience. Fans didn’t simply sit there and enjoy watching Hank Williams Jr. perform, they needed to be part of the show. They were singing along, singing with fans seated next to them and often seen raising a beer in the air as their show of approval.

His fifth song of the night was one of his most famous songs that crosses over all genres, “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight”. Many years ago it was just a great country hit that fans enjoyed on the radio or during a night out dancing, but most people today will also notice as the NFL theme song to Monday Night Football. His affiliation with the NFL has been out of circulation for a few years but it is back for the 2017 NFL season with his signature theme song “All My Rowdy Friends Are Here on Monday Night”.

Hank Williams Jr. has been making music for a very long time and has a plethora of mega country hits in his discography. During his set he played many of his hits spanning across his career and judging by the crowds reaction, the fans couldn’t get enough. What an amazing show and great wrap up to Hank Williams Jr.‘s summer concert tour.

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Review and Photos by Diane Webb www.facebook.com/YesterdazeNewsPhotography

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