Album Review: Sons of Texas “Forged by Fortitude”

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Sons Of Texas - Photo by Lindsey Byrnes
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Sons of Texas
Album: Forged by Fortitude
Label: Razor & Tie
Genre: Rock
Release: September 22, 2017

We’ve been following the Sons of Texas since early 2016 and these guys just keep making great music!  Forged by Fortitude is another great effort from this McAllen, Texas band.  Don’t be fooled by their deep south Texas roots, you will find no country music on this album, but you will find a heavy dose of genuine rock n’ roll.

The follow up to their last release Baptized In The Rio Grande, Forged by Fortitude is another dose of Texas rock that delivers a steady round of killer tunes. The Sons of Texas sound has grown on this new album.  Their sound is more complete and seems to have a firmly locked the identity of who the Sons of Texas are as a band. After their massive touring schedule last year that even had them performing at Japan’s Loud Park Festival, I am not surprised that their sound has come together as it has.  They’ve had the opportunity to get out and work with a number of artists and come into their own space.

This album was written as the band has been evolving and from the things they’ve learned along their way so far.  You can hear it in the lyrics they’ve written.  It’s an honest album of who they are and what they want to represent in rock.  At times their sound is screaming and intense and at other times a raw yet melodic and harmonizing sound.  One thing for sure, it’s an album you will turn on and enjoy hitting the road with.

I appreciate the back to the rock n’ roll roots that Sons of Texas have managed to capture on this new album.  They’ve done a great job bringing rock back to where it should be and needs to be.  I thoroughly enjoyed this album and would recommend readers to grab a copy and get out and see these guys when they are on tour in your area.  We caught them on the road with Hellyeah earlier this year and they put on one crazy show!

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